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American Motors logos

By: Carlogos , Feb 17, 2016

American Motors logos , American motors wiki


American Motors logos
1969 American Motors AMX
1958 Rambler sedan

American Motors Corporation, better known as the CMA, is an American automobile manufacturer, founded in 1954 by the merger of Nash Motors and Hudson Motor Car Company. At that time it was the largest merger of companies conducted in the United States, estimated at 197 793 U.S. $ 366 (U.S. $ 1.44 billion in 2006). Fourth American manufacturer, including the Jeep brand, AMC saw its sales decline in the late 1970s to compete for the Big Three U.S. auto manufacturers and Japanese. He had to join forces and be taken over by Renault in 1979. But faced with the difficulties of the French group, AMC was sold to Chrysler March 2, 1987. The latter ceased use of the AMC brand and models from Renault to retain only the Jeep division and the Eagle brand.

The president of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, George W. Mason, who believed that remaining independent manufacturers in North America were to merge to face three major industry: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. In January 1954, he was then the conductor of the merger with the Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors. The president of Hudson, AE Barit, remained as a consultant and got a seat on the board of the new company while Masson became the first president and CEO.

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