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At the beginning of the year this home from the Poland independent car factory officially to announce the launch of a super sports car Venocara, the design concept of design of this car will follow the example of Italy sports car, basically can be said to be the design elements of Ferrari and lamborghini. Recently, the company said this supercar will debut in June this year, shiny, technical adviser for the Arrinera company also hired a British expert Lee Noble as the new supercar.


Founder ( )

Luke from Poland Tomkiewicz to just established this year in ARRINERA Automotive S.A., has launched what it claims is the super coupe LAMBORGHINI Poland. From the planning stage to a dream come true, I do not know how many eyes and laughed at them by doubt, this car has not yet named finished finally appeared!

Venocara introduction

The new supercar is 2008 August release of the Veno roadster upgrade edition, however in appearance but like Lamborghini, and in much home website dubbed "Poland lamborghini". The car looks very fierce, with the streamlined shape, steel chassis, carbon fiber and alloy body, ceramic brake, alloy wheels, leather trim interior, carbon fiber and aluminum cockpit. The rest of the equipment including Bi xenon headlights, LED headlights, and 19/20 inch alloy wheels. According to the sources, the new car will be powered by a 6.2 liter V8 turbocharged engine. The maximum output power of the engine can reach 638 horsepower (equivalent to 476 kilowatts), the peak torque of 604 lb-ft (equivalent to 819 Newton Mi) torque.

The car's interior interior uses Maybach's top leather, with a plaque on the aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Arrinera Automotive also said, the future will launch the car's convertible version of the car.

Batch production

If the relevant matters cars will all goes well, the production will be in the second half of next year to start, sales network throughout Europe, the Middle East and China, the United States of america.