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Brabus car logo iamges

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BRABUS company by Mr Bodo Buschmann founded in 1977, is now one of the world's biggest car modification for one of the manufacturers. BRABUS though not Benz affiliates, but it is the queen's GaiZhuangChang running all over the world, the deformation of the Smart car from the BRABUS hands, a year refitted Mercedes Benz has 80000 vehicles. Its headquarters is located in the hinterland of the ruhr Bottrop, near A2 highway. In addition to the spacious exhibition hall outside, the active international market enterprise will also its development department and production department is located in this place.

Held in 2003 in the Rhine Frankfurt international auto fair, not only display BRABUS BRABUS E V12 series models, it with new Benz level luxury small series based manufacturing, per hour speed of up to 340 kilometers, but also in the global scope rollout 550 horsepower / 404 kilowatts of new BRABUS CLK K8 car, with its 325 km per hour speed to the highest, to the fastest car list. BRABUS company in all development projects in all pay attention to achieve the best of environmental compatibility: the BRABUS company refitted engine fuel consumption is very low, and the waste gas emissions has been consistently lower than the current European standard limit value.

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In the BRABUS company's high power and environmental protection in the integration of the many outstanding paradigm to the current Benz S series based RABUS S 5.8 models is one. In the Essen RW technical supervision association of vehicle technology institute of power for 400 horsepower / 294 kilowatts of eight cylinder driving devices are the authentication test, the BRABUS company refitted engine emissions in all the necessary test project has obtained the best result, and BRABBUS large displacement engine now will be reached since 2005 to put into practice the EURO IV standard, the measured value than allow the highest limit value even low 56%, in addition, the displacement is 5.8 litres of BRABUS engine also conform to California to ultra-low emissions vehicle Germany BRABUS (stroke speed) brand is the world's largest mercedes-benz modified manufacturers, with top professional engine modification technology, and unique dynamic performance and high quality advantage and world renown. From 1977 to 2002, BRABUS (stroke speed) has 25 years of history, and its products are highly successful people from all walks of life. In 1996, original Benz grade E models based on the modified BRABUS E V12, highest speed to 330 km/hour, the guinness book of world records makes included for the world's fastest cars.

In 2003 BRABUS and launched engine power 640 ps / 471 kw, top speed of 340 km/h, 0-100 kilometers of accelerating just 4.2 seconds new BRABUS E V12, thus creating a more peak. So, BRABUS (stroke speed) brand not only meet the customers on the car quality requirement, more reflect each guest to car speed, strength and the history of the pursuit of personality.

BRABUS best car is S68BRABUS, its price is 4.68 million RMB. As a global mercedes-benz biggest mercedes-benz upgrade manufacturers Germany BRABUS Benz company in 2006 panama auto show launched this kind of BRABUS Benz S68, once listed this model and its extraordinary performance proves that she is in the world's top touring car in the field of irreplaceable status: complete 0-100 km/h acceleration time for 4.0 seconds, within 0-200 km/h in 10.5 seconds, the highest speed electronic limited to 350 km/h.

For the BRABUS Benz S68 provide strong power is a BRABUS S V12 S Biturbo twin turbocharged engine (per BRABUS engine are made in Germany BRABUS ruhr factory professional engineers carefully with the main loading, and at the same time in the engine badges with also specially responsible for engineer's signature). This engine is Germany's most powerful TUV test engine, in 5100 when the engine RMP per minute output power for 730 HP or 537 kw. At the same time the peak torque is to let the other models flinch 1320 Nm / 2100 RMP, electronic limit for 1100 Nm. In order to optimize mixed gas flow, BRABUS professional engineers for the engine is equipped with a special song shaft, increases the cylinder aperture, install the forging piston, these special design makes the displacement increased to 6336 cc. In the engine internal installed central cooling system and stainless steel exhaust system, further improve the ventilation cooling effect.

Power is through the special refitted five speed automatic transmission and BRABUS locking differential transmission to the rear wheel. In order to bring drivers always perfect and safe driving experience, BRABUS Benz S68 equipped with the world's most advanced AIRMATIC with adaptive damping system and full automatic control level high air suspension system. With this new model characteristics and China's actual traffic BRABUS Benz China especially for the Chinese market custom made four lightweight BRABUS Monoblock aluminum wheel laps, each a wheel is equipped with a and a titanium alloy lightweight steel nail, also equipped with F1 car special TUV, VERSION II standard twenty inches Pirelli (Pirelli) red MAO high-speed tires, tire model respectively, the front 255/35 ZR and rear 285/30 ZR and.