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The value of the Buick logo was noted in the early 1990s in a study commissioned by a corporate identity firm, the Schechter Group. A study of the impact of corporate symbols, it found that consumers' opinions can be helped - or even hurt - by their logos. It further observed that "among car marketers, GM's Buick gained an astounding 53 percent in positive image with its tri-shield symbol."

Buick is at the origin an independent, the Buick Motor Company, established on 19 May 1903 by David Dunbar Buick in Flint (Michigan). In 1904 the company in difficulty is taken over by James Whiting who appointed William C. During the head of her new acquisition. Buick soon became the largest U.S. automaker. Taking advantage of this situation, Durant has acquired a dozen companies, calling their new company General Motors.

Buick employee several important figures of automotive history: Louis Chevrolet, Charles Nash and Walter Chrysler have all been employed by Buick before seeing their names on other brands of cars.

Initially, the various component manufacturers General Motors were in competition with each other, but Durant ended that. He wanted each General Motors division targets a type of clientele, and this new scheme, Buick was near the top of the range, only Cadillac was more prestigious. Even today, this Buick guard position. The ideal client Buick live comfortably, but not easy enough to afford a Cadillac or do not check the ostentation while still wanting a vehicle exceeding the standard.

Buick was the first automotive manufacturer to produce engines with valve at the beginning of the century architecture that was then adpotée by other manufacturers and used in the vast majority of cars today. Buick was also the first to use a torque converter in automatic transmissions in 1948. The firm has produced the first series 2-door hardtop car without amounts, the Roadmaster Riviera 1949 and the first 4-door car without a center post in 1955.

As part of the restructuring of General Motors, Buick should disappear, except for the Chinese market.

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