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Winged logo
Chrysler "winged" logo, used on Chrysler division cars 1998–current

The design shown here is an adaptation of the original medallion logo which Chrysler used on its cars at its inception in 1925. The logo was revived for the Chrysler division in 1996, and was surrounded by a pair of silver wings after the Daimler-Benz merger in 1998. When sold to Cerberus, Chrysler readopted the Pentastar (see above) as their corporate logo, although the winged logo is still used on the cars themselves.

Revival of Pentastar

On May 17, 2007, an internal email stated that Chrysler was going to revive the Pentastar logo, in updated form, after their split from Daimler.[28] The new three-dimensional Pentastar was formally introduced when Chrysler LLC began doing business as a private company in August 2007.

The first car from Chrysler, the six, was released in 1924 and was presented at the Commodore Hotel in New York. Its creator, Walter Percy Chrysler, wanted his car to be presented at the New York Auto Show, but he was refused entry knowing that his vehicle was not yet in production. Eager marketing, he therefore had the idea of exposing it to potential investors, this large hotel in Manhattan. This alternative strategy has paid and a banker at Chase Securities has agreed a 5 million dollars in the Maxwell Motor Corp.. (W. Chrysler Corporation). La six was quickly released and was the first car at an affordable price. This self led to other developments as the four hydraulic brakes or a six-cylinder engine.

On 6 June 1925, W. Chrysler bought the remaining capital of the Maxwell Motor Corp.. to create the Chrysler Corporation. The development of this new company was a considerable speed.

Thus, in early 1926, Chrysler has nearly 3 800 concessions in the territory of the United States, with a huge profit of $ 17 million. The prosperity of the society continued during the following decade, with the launch of many vehicles that will experience some success, including 80 Imperial in 1927. Not only this car was actually the first car of Chrysler convertible, but it was also the first model of the mark to be an advertising campaign color.

In 1928 Chrysler founded the Plymouth brand for entry-level, the DeSoto for the mid-range and bought the Dodge Brothers company. This strategy was designed to offer a complete line of vehicles like the production of General Motors.

The program took its logical end in 1955 with the establishment of the Imperial brand (instead of models). At that time, Chrysler was proposing, as GM, five brands of cars.

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