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Ferrari Logo, HD 1080p, Png, Meaning, Information

in All Car Brands. Aug 02, 2017

Ferrari logo 1024x768 HD png

Ferrari Logo (1932–Present)
1024x768 HD png

Ferrari Information
Native name Ferrari N.V.
Founded 1929
Founder Enzo Ferrari
Headquarters Maranello, Italy
Official Site
Most Classic GTO (1984-1986)
F40 (1987-1992)
F50 (1995-1997)
FENZO (2002-2003)
FLaFerrari (2013-Present)
Top Speed LaFerrari
350 km/h (220 mph)
100 km/h (62 mph) < 3 seconds
Most Expensive 250 GTO
(US$38.1 million)

Ferrari Emblem 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Ferrari Emblem
1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

The famous symbol of Ferrari is a black prancing horse on yellow background, usually with the letters S F for Scuderia Ferrari. The symbol is crowned with white, green and red strips that symbolize Italian national colors.

Ferrari Horse Logo 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Ferrari Horse Logo
1920x1080 HD png

Black color means a grief on Baracca’s team planes after the airman was killed in fighting.

Ferrari Text Logo 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Ferrari Text Logo
1920x1080 HD png

The Ferrari logo uses a handwritten custom typeface.

Ferrari Logo 640x480

Ferrari Emblem 640x480

Ferrari Symbol 640x480

The Ferrari logo is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular car logos ever designed. The Ferrari logo is a prancing horse (Cavallino Rampante) used since 1932.

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