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Fiat logo pictures
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Fiat held a leading role in the automotive industry since its inception in 1899, at the dawn of Italian industrialization. Since their first appearance on the market, Fiat produced today goes far beyond the automobile, have been developed and widely recognized throughout the world. Its logo has become a status symbol because of a history of the superiority of the cars of the Company product and the prestige of its history and tradition.

The Fiat Group is the largest Italian industrial company and is one of the founders of the European automotive industry. The headquarters of the company is based in Turin, Italy, with its 178 factories employing over 185 000 workers, the Group is present in 50 countries worldwide and maintains commercial relationships with customers in over 190 countries.

The main activity of the company is focused on the automotive sector and engines in 2007, the Group produced more than two million cars and commercial vehicles, over 200 000 vehicles, thousands of machines for the agriculture and construction, more than three million engines and more than two million gearboxes. For a turnover that has touched the 59 billion euros.

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