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The Honda Logo series GA3 and GA5, is a supermini produced by the Japanese automaker Honda between 1996 and 2001. The Logo was available as a three-door and five-door hatchback. It was sold in the United Kingdom from 2000 until 2001. It was a platform mate to the Honda Capa and replaced the Honda City. The only engine used was the D13B, initially using 2 valves per cylinder with an upgrade to 4 valves as complaints began to be heard concerning less than adequate performance. A CVT transmission was offered to take advantage of the engines torque ability and offer strong fuel economy. Sales were not strong, but the car did come top of a customer satisfaction survey in December 2001.[1] The successor of the Logo is the Honda Jazz.

From a young age, Soichiro Honda (本田宗一郎, Soichiro Honda) has an interest in the car. He worked as a mechanic in a shop for tuning Japanese Art Shokai, where he listens to the car and entered the races. A self-taught engineer, he worked on a piston design which he hopes to sell to Toyota. The first drafts of his design were rejected, and Soichiro worked carefully to improve the design, even back in school and pawning the jewelry of his wife for the guarantee. Finally, he won a contract with Toyota and built a factory to build pistons for them, which was destroyed by an earthquake. Due to a shortage of gas during the Second World War, Honda has not been able to use his car, and his idea of setting a small motor bike attracted a lot of curiosity. He then established the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan, to develop and produce small 2-cycle motorbike engines. Inviting the owners of cycling across Japan to take part in the revitalization of a nation torn by war, Soichiro received sufficient capital to engineer its first motorcycle, the Honda Cub. This marked the beginning of the Honda Motor Company, who grow a little time after, to be the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles in 1963.

The first Honda automobile production was the T360 mini truck.  Directed by a small 356 cc straight-4 gasoline engines, it was classified under the car cheaper Kei tax bracket.

The first car was a Honda S500 sports car.  Her engine wheels chain points back to Honda, motorcycle home.

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