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The first Land Rover was designed in 1948 in the United Kingdom (on the island of Anglesey in Wales) by Maurice Wilks, chief designer at the British car company Rover on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey. [5] He was inspired by an American World War II Jeep that used one summer at his holiday home in Wales. [edit] The first prototype Land Rover center lead was built on a Jeep chassis. A distinctive feature is their bodies, constructed of a proprietary lightweight rustproof alloy of aluminum and magnesium Birmabright called. This material was used because after war steel shortages and a plentiful supply of post-war aircraft aluminum. The metal on the corrosion resistance is one factor that allowed the vehicle to build a reputation for longevity in the toughest conditions. Land Rover, once announced that 75% of all cars ever built are still in use. [Edit] In fact, Land Rover drivers sometimes refer to other makes of 4x4 as "disposables." [6] Early color choice was dictated by military surplus supplies of aircraft cockpit paint, so early vehicles only came in various shades of green, all models until recently feature rugged box section ladder frame chassis .

The early vehicles, such as the Series I have been field-tested at Long Bennington and designed to field services; Rovers ads cite vehicles driven thousands of miles of banana oil. Now with more complex service requirements are less of an option. The British Army maintains the use of simple mechanical 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine versions 300TDi the electronic control 2.5 liter 5 cylinder TD5 to retain some of simplicity. This engine also continued in use in some export markets using units built at a Ford plant in Brazil, where Land Rovers were built under license and the engine is also used in Ford pick-up trucks built locally. Production of the TDi engine ended in the United Kingdom in 2006, meaning that Land Rover is no longer offered as an option. International Motors of Brazil offer an engine called the 2.8 TGV Power Torque, which is essentially a version of 2.8 liters of 300TDi with a corresponding increase in power and torque. All power is combined with an all-terrain traction control gives active terrain response; Ferrari uses a similar system in race traction.

Since its purchase by Ford, Land Rover has been closely associated with Jaguar. In many countries that share a network of distribution and sales (including licensees), and some models share components and production facilities.

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