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MINI logo history and MINI logo wallpaper

By: Carlogos , Feb 17, 2016

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MINI logo
MINI logo wallpaper
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MINI logo images

MINI Cars history    

* In 1955, Sir Leonard Lord, then ranking member of the British Motor Corporation (BMC), asked Alec Issigonis, Lam, and Laurence Pomeroy design a new economy car, due to the crisis of Suez Canal. Their research department is located at Longbridge. The project code for Austin is ADO15 Drawing Office project number 15. Each pilot of a small team, and the realization of 3 concepts, the winning design will be that of Alec Issigonis, who was assisted by Chris Kingham and Jack Daniels. The prototype will be produced only after 8 months of study and will be launched in October 1957. The first vehicle has an engine with the fan right side, 948 cc. It reached a speed of 145 km / h. At the time the competition has taken a very different choice, namely the "just back" engine and propulsion, the 3 best selling vehicles, namely the Volkswagen Beetle, the Fiat 500 and Renault Dauphine. However, Alec Issigonis, who appreciated the Citroen and their ideas, choose an orientation "just before". The choice of engine for Morris Minor, is done to avoid having to redesign it. The revolution will put a gearbox under the engine in transverse position. With the choice of putting 10 inch wheels, also innovative solution, the vehicle spends 80% of its length to accommodate the occupants and their luggage.

     * 1959: design very innovative for its time (transverse engine very compact, very original suspension, small wheels, etc..) By Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Corporation (BMC)

     * Between 1961 and 1969, there was also a version of the Mini produced with a larger chest is named Wolseley Hornet (including the name of a sports car of 1930) or Riley Elf. The Mini itself could be bought in several body style - the regular two-door station wagon with the rear opening as barn doors and a version with an outer timber similar to the Morris Minor.

     * The 1960s was the period with glorious purchases well staged by stars, the victories of the Mini Cooper rally but it was not profitable due to outdated production methods that require many human resources (no robot) .
     * 1968 BMC, Standard-Triumph and Rover merge and form the British Leyland group
     * In 1970, a redesign was done, the Mini Clubman.
     * Total production was 5.3 million.
     * In 1980, this Austin Metro, car sharing many parts with the Mini and the expected successor.
     * In 1989, Austin reintroduced to its catalog two versions special look at Cooper, Flame Red and Green Racing. Production stopped a year later with the late Austin and Metro (Austin models will wear the initials now Rover Metro and will be replaced by the Rover 100).
     * In 1991, Rover is the myth and resurrected the Mini Cooper motor 1275, which had disappeared from the market since a decade.
     * In 1994 under Bernd Pischetsrieder, BMW Group took control of Rover Group, the successor to British Leyland. But six years later, Rover continued to make huge losses.

     * In 2000, BMW Group decided to sell Rover and MG in Phoenix, a new British company Land Rover and Ford.

     * BMW Group kept the name "MINI" and is now selling a new version.

     * On March 26, 2008, Ford has sold Land Rover to Indian automaker Tata Motors.

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