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The name "Mitsubishi" refers to the three-diamond emblem. "Mitsubishi" is a combination of words and Mitsu Hishi. Mitsu means three. Hishi means water chestnut, and Japanese have used the word for a long time to appoint a lozenge or diamond shape. Japanese often bend the "h" sound to a "b" sound when it occurs in the middle of a word. So they pronounce the combination of Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi as Hishi.
Mitsubishi is one of the largest companies in Japan. Founded in 1870 by Iwasaki Yatar, son of a samurai family. Played an important role in transforming Japan into an industrialized society. Was dedicated in principle to maritime transport. The steamboats that made up the fleet carried a banner that showed three hishi triangular or water chestnuts. Thus arose the mark and the name of Mitsubishi, which means' three diamonds'. At present, a consortium of companies is decentralized.

In 1873 the company is known as Mitsubishi Shokai. Under the impulse of its founder, would become one of the most powerful associations of Japan.

In the late nineteenth century, the company (which alone produces half of the Japanese shipping) starts a process of diversification that would end with the creation of three

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