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Nissan Logo, HD 1080p, Png, Meaning, Information

in All Car Brands. Jul 30, 2017

Nissan logo (2013–Present) 1440x900 HD png

Nissan Logo (2013–Present)
1440x900 HD png

Nissan Information
Native name 日産自動車株式会社
Founded 1933
Founder Masujiro Hashimoto
Headquarters Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Owner Renault
Slogan "Innovation that excites"
Official Site
Divisions Infiniti
Top Speed GT-R NISMO
0-62 mph (2.7 seconds)

Nissan Symbol 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Nissan Symbol
1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Nissan was the sixth largest automaker in the world behind Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford in 2013. Nissan is the major brand of Nissan Motor Corporation, along with Infiniti, Datsun and NISMO.

Nissan Emblem 2048x2048 (HD Png)

Nissan Emblem (2003)
2048x2048 (HD Png)

In 2012 saw the logo acquire gradient shades of silver and grey. The chrome-colored theme in the Nissan logo represents sophistication, modernism, creativity and perfection of the company’s products.

Nissan Text Logo 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Nissan Text Logo
1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Matched with the company’s new slogan, ‘Innovation that excites’, the emblem reflect the brand’s new identity but refers to long-standing traditions. Today Nissan cars are recognized for quality, innovation, elegance and have leading positions in many global markets.

Nissan logo 640x480

Nissan symbol 640x480

Nissan emblem 640x480

The Nissan logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable car logos in the world. The Nissan logo is a new steel-blue logo unveiled in 2013.

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#02 Volkswagen logo Germany
#03 Mercedes-Benz logo Germany
#04 General Motors logo United States
#05 Ford logo United States
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