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Rinspeed Logo, HD 1080p, Png, Information

in All Car Brands. Dec 23, 2016

Rinspeed logo (1977-Present) 1920x1080 HD pngRinspeed Logo (1979-Present)1920x1080 HD png

Rinspeed Information
Founded 1979
Founder Frank M. Rinderknecht
Headquarters Swiss
Official Site
Overview Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer. It specialises in restoring classic cars, and tuning and modifying modern cars such as Porsches and Subarus. Since 1991, they have also designed exotic concept and special vehicles for the Geneva Motor Show each year, but do not enter into production.
Rank Company Country
#01 Toyota logo Japan
#02 Volkswagen logo Germany
#03 Mercedes-Benz logo Germany
#04 General Motors logo United States
#05 Ford logo United States