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Saturn Corporation is a division of U.S. giant General Motors, founded in 1982 as a project to fight Japanese while growing rapidly in North America and to renew its production methods, management and marketing.

As a division, subsidiary of GM, the company was founded in January 1985 with its own premises in order to cut the cord with the bureaucracy of the parent. A factory was built in Tennessee, which allowed him to propose in 1989 economic models, a very good value for money for the same customers that Japanese manufacturers at that time.

Today, the Japanese have a strong presence in the U.S. market and offer vehicles more upmarket and therefore more relevant to much of the population. Saturn has not followed the same trend and was content to remain in the low-end vehicles. The brand's declining sales in recent years, but seems to recover by offering more innovative models that still excellent value for money. Young drivers are turning to the mark, which is experiencing a renaissance of sorts due in part to the Ion Red Line, like the Neon SRT-4 Dodge (which was deleted from the catalog Dodge recently), but less powerful. The new model such as Outlook, Sky and Aura are becoming increasingly popular.

Following the failed takeover of Saturn by the firm Penske, the new brand will not be continued in New GM and disappear in 2010 [1].

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