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Saturn Logo, HD, Png, Meaning, Information

in All Car Brands. Dec 23, 2016

Saturn Logo (1985-2010) 2048x2048Saturn Logo (1985-2010)2048x2048

Saturn Information
Successor Buick
Founded 1985
Founder Roger Smith
Headquarters Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States (1985–2007)
Detroit, Michigan, United States (2007-2010)
Parent General Motors
Defunct 2010
Official Site

Saturn Symbol (red) 3600x4000 HD pngSaturn Symbol (red)3600x4000 HD png

"Most people can agree the Saturn badge looks like the planet which shares the same name–specifically the lower-left quadrant of the sphere. That or it looks like a big “X” running to the left! The logo has drawn some criticism for being red, as Mars is widely recognized as the “Red Planet,” while Saturn is actually pale yellow. Admittedly, red stands out much more. The astrological symbol for Saturn also has an arching crescent, a sickle representing the harvesting of an old regime and the enthroning of a new one.

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