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Shelby supercar ( SSC ) Car Logos and history ,  SSC is the abbreviation of Shelby supercar,

Is the world's fastest internal combustion engine locomotive. The world's fastest civil aviation aircraft: "Concorde" take off speed of 390 km/h, Shanghai maglev train the fastest speed also however 430 km/h. The guinness world record for the fastest production car title, by the United States before Shelby Supercars (SSC) its Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo, at 411.76 km/h average speed per hour have scored (now the world's fastest record is its old rivals bugatti's navigation super sport to 434.211 km/h won the first chief, this kind of power to carry 1200 horsepower engine). Ultimate Aero not only break the Swedish Koenigsegg CCR have to maintain the 389.4 km/h the current record, but also transcend the bugatti's navigation 407.1 km/h unofficial record. From 0 to 100 accelerated also but 2.4 seconds, test member is a are now service pilot, his feelings are, never more than SSC let his heart machine!!!!!!! It incredible speed from one large horsepower engine can reach 1046 horsepower.





SSC challenge bugatti

This machine SSC manufacturing used to challenge cloth jia di wei navigation Super Sport sports car for us very far away, but can make the fans have a boiling passion, at the same time also confirm the human will challenge the pace of the physical limits.

Power, SSC used a 6.8 L double turbine V8 engine to drive the Ultimate Aero II, engine speed can reach the highest

To 9000 r/min. Maximum power? There is no doubt that more than the cloth jia di wei navigation Super Sport 1200 horsepower numerical, Ultimate Aero II

The most high power for 1350 horsepower. Top speed is expected to for 440 km/h.

SSC Tuatara to 443 km/h speed recapture the throne

Years ago SSC have make a surface most high-speed ultra run Ultimate Aero, at that time at 417.33 km/h glory on production like other nominees seat, but 2010 years BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport the 431.072 km/h speed refresh the world production ultra run speed record, was the Ultimate Aero from the throne pull down. But SSC recently officially named Tuatara once again to 443 km/h speed recapture the throne.