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Soueast Logo, HD, Png, Information

in All Car Brands. Dec 23, 2016

Soueast Logo (1995-Present) 800x600 HD PngSoueast Logo (1995-Present)800x600 HD Png

Soueast Information
Founded 1995
Headquarters Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Owner China Motor Corporation (25%)
Fujian Motors Group (50%)
Mitsubishi Motors (25%)
Official Site

Soueast Emblem & Text Logo (1995) 2560x1440 HD pngSoueast Emblem & Text Logo2560x1440 HD png

"Soueast was founded in November 1995 as a joint venture between China Motor Corporation and Fujian Motor Industry Group. Mitsubishi became a partner in the joint venture in 2006.

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