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HiPhi Logo, HD Png, Brand Overview

HiPhi extends the meaning to highly balanced and perfect combination.

2019-PresentCurrent HiPhi Logo

Current HiPhi Logo (2019)Download (PNG)

HiPhi Logo Description

Originated from the Nonsical number and the adjective, Phi, which means the divine proportion or the golden ratio. HiPhi extends the meaning to highly balanced and perfect combination.

Brand Overview

Founded: 2019

Founder: Ding Lei (William Ding)

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Official Site:

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Human Horizons (Chinese: 华人运通) launched it's first electric vehicle brand, HiPhi (Chinese: 高合) in July 31, 2019.

The first model, the HiPhi X was officially available on the Chinese market in October 2020 and the first batch of production cars were delivered in May 2021.

Learn More: HiPhi Wiki

Other Logos

2019-PresentHiPhi Logo (vertical)

HiPhi Logo (vertical)Download (PNG)

The "Hi" corresponds to Chinese: 高, and "Phi" (uppercase/lowercase Φ φ) is a Greek letter, corresponding to Chinese: 合.

2019-PresentChinese Logo

HiPhi Logo (chinese)Download (PNG)

The HiPhi X was the best selling premium electric vehicle in China as of September 2021, taking over the Porsche Taycan in second place.

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