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TOP 20 Most Durable Car Models: Toyota No. 1!

Toyota dominates this list, capturing four out of the top six slots–Toyota Rules the Road!

Most Durable Car Models

I believe that durability and reliability are important factors for many consumers when buying a car. Recently, iSeeCars, an online automotive research company, released a survey report on a car's potential longest service life, listing the twenty cars with the highest mileage.

iSeeCars analyzed cars from the past 20 years that were in production for at least ten years and sold more than 2 million units. They ranked each car based on the number of miles driven. The top 20 cars are 1% of the cars on the road, with an average of 230,000 to 297,000 miles (approximately 370,000 to 480,000 km) over the past 20 years.

According to the ranking list, the top two vehicles are the Toyota Sequoia and Land Cruiser, with a mileage exceeding 450,000km. In addition, there are three Toyota Hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles―Prius, Highlander, and Camry―and the models with the highest proportion in the list are SUV and Pickup.

Toyota scored the top spot with ten vehicles on the list, followed by 3 Hondas, 2 Chevrolets, and 2 GMCs. Here's a list of the twenty most durable cars:

TOP 20 Most Durable Car Models
(2023 Ranking List)

Rank Model Current Mileage
1 Toyota Sequoia Toyota Sequoia ~477,185 km
2 Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota Land Cruiser ~450,996 km
3 Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban ~427,654 km
4 Toyota Tundra Toyota Tundra ~412,027 km
5 GMC Yukon XL GMC Yukon XL ~406134 km
6 Toyota Prius Toyota Prius ~403,303 km
7 Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe ~402,879 km
8 Honda Ridgeline Honda Ridgeline ~400,194 km
9 Toyota Avalon Toyota Avalon ~395,432 km
10 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Toyota Highlander Hybrid ~394,279 km
11 Ford Expedition Ford Expedition ~393,778 km
12 Toyota 4Runner Toyota 4Runner ~Toyota 4Runner
13 Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna ~385,610 km
14 GMC Yukon GMC Yukon ~384,562 km
15 Honda Pilot Honda Pilot ~381,103 km
16 Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey ~379,567 km
17 Toyota Tacoma Toyota Tacoma ~378,308 km
18 Nissan Titan Nissan Titan ~375,451 km
19 Ford F-150 Ford F-150 ~374,413 km
20 Toyota Camry Hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid ~371,029 km

Updated on January 4, 2023

According to Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars, "Many car models can last over 250,000 miles (402336 km) if properly maintained." The survey doesn't report the longest lifespan of these vehicles; that's just the current odometer count. Most of these cars are still in use, and it's powerful.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to durability, Toyota is the clear leader here. This is no surprise to many people who are familiar with the brand. They are known for their solid, efficient, and dependable vehicles that last for about 200k miles without a hiccup. So, if you're looking for a reliable car, look no further than Toyota.

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