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The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars

The company has come up with incredible concept cars that are very pleasing to car enthusiasts' eyes.

Best BMW Future Concept Cars

BMW has long been a premier name in the automotive industry, and it's not hard to see why.

The BMW Concept Cars showcase the potential of future BMW models and technologies. The series of concepts cars began to arouse interest in BMW's innovative design over 38 years ago in 1978 with the BMW M1. Since then, BMW has been striving to develop new technologies and design trends that have the power to overturn conventional thinking.

In this guide, we will show you the best BMW Concept Cars you must see.

7BMW Concept iX3

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: iX3

The BMW Concept iX3 is the latest offering from the BMW. Following the new trend of all-electric vehicles, the IX3 was designed to combine these eco-friendly efforts with the comfort and functionality that the sports activity vehicle and BMW, in general, is known for.

The iX3 made its debut at the Beijing motor show in 2018, and it boasted some of the most cutting-edge technology available on the market. They include a fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, an electric motor capable of producing more than 270 horsepower powered by a 70-kilowatt hour battery pack.

The iX3 has been demonstrated to travel as long as 400 kilometers on a single charge, with speedy recharge after depletion guaranteed using a cutting-edge charge controller. It uses a 150 kilowatt charging to ensure that the battery is fully charged in under 30 minutes. The manufacture confirms the production, and it will be available on 3/20/20 in Europe with a price tag of 70000 Euros.

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6BMW Vision Next 100

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: Next 100

The BMW Vision Next 100 stands head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to futuristic cars. As the name implies, the Vision Next 100 aims to be the standard for all modern vehicles in the next 100 years, and it is easy to see why. The Vision Next 100 features designs that seem more suited to the pages of a science fiction novel than actual reality and this is driven well home with your first glance at the car.

The wheels of the Vision Next 100 can actually expand and contract when making turns, and the doors are so finely engineered that they rise up like wings at the touch of a button.

However, the main attraction is the autonomous driving mode, which features an AI-like companion whose job it is to warn the driver audiovisually about possible threats. The Vision was designed to provide an intimate interaction with the driver and achieve this goal.

5BMW I Hydrogen Next

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: Hydrogen Next

The I Hydrogen next is the product of a joint effort between BMW and Toyota, and it is a direct result of the drive to be more friendly to the environment. As the name implies, it runs totally on Hydrogen, and instead of toxic greenhouse gases, the I Hydrogen Next produces air, water, and electricity as its waste products.

It made its debut at the 2019 Frankfort Motor Show, and its notable attractions are its ability to be refueled in less than 4 minutes and its range of more than 600 kilometers. BMW is planning a small production run of this vehicle as early as 2022.

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4BMW I Vision Dynamics

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: Dynamics

The I Vision Dynamics was designed to rival the Tesla Model S., and it made its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017. Its most notable feature includes a large kidney on the front, which serves as the control unit for all sensors related to autonomous driving.

It also features a futuristic capsular design, and extreme energy efficiency has a single charge that has been demonstrated to last as long as 600 kilometers.

In terms of speed, the Vision is capable of a respectable 193 kilometers per hour, greasing from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds. It is expected to be available by 2022

3BMW Vision iNext

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: iNext

The BMW vision INext was destined for greatness. It made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018, and it features a unique mix of technological innovation and driving comfort that BMW is becoming known for.

The double front kidney is huge and merged into one element hidden behind it all of the car sensors. The car's color gets darker as it goes to the back, and the side mirrors are replaced with cameras so better surrounding efficiency can be achieved.

It was designed to be a fully electric autonomously driven living space on wheels rather than just a vehicle, and it possesses the interior design it makes this possible.

It features a front wooden table that you can use as a mouse to control the front screen. The project during the roof so you can watch your favorite movies. And the middle part of the back seats can be used as an emblem screen.

The Vision iNext is expected to be available for purchase by 2021, and BMW once the production version becomes the company's new technology flagship.

2BMW Concept 4

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: Concept 4

The BMW concept was designed to be the ultimate combination of comforting classes. It made its debut at the 2019 Frankfort motor exhibition, and it features a sleek design with a more prominent front grill.

It aims for a low and wide body. This is accomplished partly with its length from the front side and a lower roofline. This functionality goes the Concept 4 is powered by a six-cylinder motor producing around 350 horsepower capable of powering this vehicle to top speeds of 250 kilometers per hour.

It comes with the option of a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission at $52000.

1BMW Vision M Next

The 7 Best BMW Future Concept Cars: M Next

The BMW Vision M Next has been hailed as the car of the future see, and it is very easy to see why. It made its debut at the BMW's tech conference in Munich, and since then, it has continued to impress observers with its clean lines and futuristic design. The M Next features a pair of 21-inch front wheels and a pair of orange 22-inch wheels bring up the rear.

Some of the M's unique features include its cut-down steering wheel, which goes a long way in lending to its futuristic appeal. It also has a curved glass center display and a flat and featureless dashboard.

For those with an eye for color, the M Next features thrilling orange paint and a cast silver metallic paintwork guaranteed to catch the eye. The M Next is Functionally powered by a four-cylinder gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain producing a total output of 600 horsepower. It has been demonstrated to be capable of going from 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds and then rocketing to top speeds of about 300 kilometers per hour.

The Bottom Line

BMW has some of the best concept cars that you need to see. We have discussed the best ones that you need to have a glimpse of in this article.

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