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The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars

This article cuts across the five best concept muscle cars that have a place in the history of the automotive industry.

Best Concept Muscle Cars

Since the 1960s, when the first high-performance muscle cars were released, muscle cars have attracted the interest of enthusiasts, and many of them still have a place in the hearts of enthusiasts, even when out of production.

However, different concept muscle cars have been introduced to the market to check what buyer’s response would be. While some of the concept muscle cars gained traction and were later offered as a production model, others only remained a concept car.

This article cuts across the five best concept muscle cars that have a place in the history of the automotive industry.

51968 Dodge Charger III

The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars: 1968 Dodge

Seeing the second-generation Dodge Charger's success, Mopar designers were inspired and came up with the Charger III concept muscle car in 1968. The car came as a blend of excellent performance and outstanding looks. This car came with a wedge-shaped front end, a retractable spoiler in the back, and an opening roof.

Though it gained enough attention from muscle car enthusiasts, it was never intended for production.

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41970 Ford Torino King Cobra

The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars: 1968 Ford

King Cobra was one of the best concept cars manufactured in the 1970s. With excellent performance, especially on the track, the King Cobra should make it to the production stage. The concept muscle car was released to contend with the “Aero Warriors”, such as the Plymouth Superbird. While it had the tools to achieve this, making it to the production stage was a dream that never came true.

The failure wasn’t a fault of Ford’s management but NASCAR regulations. During this time, there was a change of regulations, and the Cobra remained a concept car.

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31964 Pontiac Banshee I

The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars: 1964 Pontiac

Though this wasn’t the first Pontiac’s concept muscle car, it was the most famous on the brand’s lineup in the 1960s. Realizing that if Pontiac were given the go-ahead to manufacture the Banshee, it would affect the Corvette, GM’s top officers killed the project. As such, the concept of muscle car saw its end and never made it to the production level.

The Banshee I was offered as a two-seater with better performance, modern styling, and a proposed lower price, which would attract attention if offered as a production model.

21999 Pontiac GTO

The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars: 1999 Pontiac

The GTO 1999 is a resemblance to the 1969 GTO Judge in terms of looks, as it came with bright red paint. When the concept muscle car was debuted at the Detroit Auto Show, enthusiasts knew it was the answer to their request.

The Pontiac GTO 1999 was an immensely aggressive muscle car with excellent work of design.

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12004 Ford Shelby GR-1

The 5 Best Concept Muscle Cars: 2004 Ford

No one could explain why the Shelby GRI didn’t make it to the production level. You might have heard about the 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe. The car was a Cobra with an excellent exterior of a streamlined body and had excellent performances on the track.

In 2004, 40 years later, the Daytona was modified and equipped with a V10 engine and offered as an all-aluminum Shelby GR1 Concept.

The Shelby GR1 appeared on many car shows and garnered impressive reviews, and no one can give a reason why it wasn’t offered as a production model. However, some companies offer the design and are ready to design one for enthusiasts who still want the car in their garages.

What started the muscle car era?

Though there had been muscle cars in town before 1964, this was when the first well-known muscle car, the Pontiac GTO, set its feet on the market. The idea was to power a small body car with a big engine. Other brands, such as Chrysler, Chevy, and Ford, later joined in.

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[1] ^ YouTube: Check out this ALIEN muscle car concept!
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