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5 Best Sport-Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser bikes are no doubt one of the most cherished types of bikes in town.

Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle

A sport-cruiser motorcycle is an excellent option if you are looking for something that meets some features of a sport motorcycle and a cruiser motorcycle. This type of bike does not only give you the convenience of carving some corners but also enhances comfort while maneuvering in traffic.

Sport-cruiser motorcycles typically feature powerful engines with plenty of torque, as well as sporty chassis and suspension systems that provide excellent handling and maneuverability. They also often have low seat heights, relaxed riding positions, and comfortable seats, making them ideal for long rides and extended periods of riding.

Here are five best sport-cruiser motorcycles currently dominating the industry:

5Ducati XDiavel S

5 Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle: Ducati XDiavel S

If you are looking for a classic sport cruiser bike that will make you stand out among your friends, then the Ducati Xdiavel S is an excellent option to consider.

Featuring a 77 cubic-inch high-compression V-Twin engine, you can expect that the bike performs excellently. To complement this, the engine delivers 156 horsepower.

The styling is also great with forward-positioned footpegs, adjustable suspension, and low seating position.

4Yamaha Stryker

5 Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle: Yamaha Stryker

Though the Yamaha Stryker is different from other sport cruiser motorcycles on the list, it still performs excellently well.

Many riders have argued that the bike looks more of a chopper than a sport cruiser, and this feature is even what has gained the heart of many. Coming with an 80 cubic-inch engine, you can expect that the motorcycle delivers the power you need for a long trip. The low seating position makes the Yamaha Stryker the best choice for tall riders.

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3Indian Scout Sixty

5 Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle: Indian Scout Sixty

If you are on a low budget and love to have one of the best sport cruiser motorcycles, then the Indian Scout Sixty should make it to your list. Besides the low price, the size is another feature that attracts riders. If you are one of those who believe that an excellent-performing motorcycle must come with a high price tag, this bike might change your mind for its combination of great handling and style.

A part of the bike’s name is derived from its formation – 60 cubic-inch V-Twin engine – which enhances performance. This sport cruiser bikes also makes provision for the choice of color as it comes in four different colors.

2Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

5 Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle: Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Kawasaki is one of the biggest brands in the automotive industry, and if you have owned one of their products, you will testify to their impressive performance. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is no different.

Though it is not among the biggest sport cruiser bikes on the market, its performance ranks it side by side with even bagger motorcycles. Featuring a 649 cc liquid twin, it produces an impressive torque that makes it a great sport cruiser bike for long trips. Another great feature about this bike that is rare in most modern motorcycles is how easy it is to handle by both short and tall riders.

1Harley Davidson Street Bob

5 Best Sport Cruiser Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Street BobPHOTO CREDIT:

The bike reminds us of the old days when Harley Davidson was introducing their first set of motorcycles with a basic nature. While this bike does not come with all the features present in other bikes, it makes provision for every significant feature you would seek from the best sport cruiser motorcycle.

If you are a lover of great designs, you will love the Street Bob for its fantastic look, thanks to the mini-ape handlebars, classic sizing, and a cutback rear fender.

The Bottom Line

Cruiser bikes are no doubt one of the most cherished types of bikes in town.

But what if you need a bike that blends certain features of cruiser motorcycles and sport motorcycles? Then you would want to go for a sport cruiser motorcycle.

This article has provided you with the five best sport cruiser motorcycles currently on the market.

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