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The 7 Best Used Car Sites By Owner (2022)

Due to its reputation, scope, and abundance of research resources, Autotrader, launched in 1997, is our pick for the finest site overall.

Best Used Car Sites By Owner

When finding a great pre-owned vehicle, no magic solution will work in every circumstance as a silver bullet would. Suppose you want to purchase a car that fits your needs, considering all relevant factors. In that case, you must find the best-used car sites that cater to your individual preferences.

When hunting for a used automobile, you should first know what you're searching for. Do you want an SUV? A sedan? A convertible? Will this be a secondary vehicle, or will it serve as your primary mode of transportation? Once you know the type of vehicle that would complement your lifestyle the best, you should start looking at websites that specialize in that particular category of automobiles.

The following are the best used car sites by owner:



Best Overall

As the most well-known online auto marketplace for buying and selling cars, Autotrader comes out on top in our ranking of the finest used vehicle websites. It is the go-to location to purchase and sell an automobile because of its enormous number of listings and sophisticated search function. Due to its reputation, scope, and abundance of research resources, Autotrader, launched in 1997, is our pick for the finest site overall. The website provides car reviews, buying tips, and calculators. It lists a million vehicles.


Due to its extensive selection, it is often considered among the best automotive sites by its users.

It's also easy to search and browse through different options and compare other cars.


If you want to place an ad, there will be costs involved.




Best Basic Option

CarsDirect is one of the best-used car sites by owners because it offers a vast inventory, a comprehensive search engine, and a rapid checkout procedure. You may also filter your search according to price range, make and model, color, and mileage. You may get an idea of how dependable the automobile will be before you purchase it by reading the many reviews that previous customers left on the website.


They have multiple filters for different types of cars, so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

They have reviews from previous customers, which helps you get an idea of what the car will be like before you buy it.


When purchasing a car, a down payment could be necessary.




Best for Classic Cars

Hemmings is an online site that specializes in classic and antique automobiles, in addition to automotive parts. The website offers details about the history of cars, such as their specifications, photographs, and videos. You may also read articles that provide background information on the history of certain automobile manufacturers and models. You may search the site's database to locate a particular automobile or go through its pages to acquire further information on various kinds of cars.


It is helpful for people who want to buy or sell an older automotive but need assistance recognizing the pieces of the vehicle.

The website has an extensive archive of information about old cars.


Active postings won't be available for more than half a year at a time.




Best for Mobile

Because it has such an extensive database of vehicles and provides a free report that contains essential information about each car, such as the number of previous owners, accident history, and maintenance records, it is one of the few websites that offers such a service. Autolist is an excellent spot to begin your search for a used automotive because it is so easy to use. There is also the option to search based on price or area. This website will send you an email notification whenever new classified advertisements for automobiles that match your search parameters are uploaded.


Many cars are listed on the site, so you can find what you're looking for.

Autolist is an application for mobile devices that many users have praised.


There are no options or means of funding that can utilize.




Best for Cheap Cars

Consumers enjoy CarGurus because it lets them explore automobiles by the owner, which enables them to see what the car looks like in person and ensures that there are no problems with the vehicle that the seller did not disclose. It would help if you also considered reading reviews written by people who have owned the car in question before you purchase it. Because the site displays the amount of profit each dealer is generating off each model, it is also beneficial for those considering purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership.


CarGurus is an excellent choice for those in the market for a used vehicle due to the sophisticated pricing tools and insightful content on the blog.

It can advertise cars for no cost and has a user-friendly interface.


CarGurus does not conduct checks on the sellers or the vehicles, and you need to be cautious while utilizing it to purchase a car.




Best for Comparing Options

AutoTempest is a top-rated used car site that helps you find the best deals on vehicles for sale by owner. The site combines an extensive database of cars with an easy-to-use search tool that allows you to filter your results by price range, make, model, year, and mileage. You can view the details of each listing, including photos and the seller's contact information. It also features a community forum where you can ask questions about specific vehicles or get advice from other community members.


AutoTempest also includes a helpful automobile price tool that is simple to use and will assist you in finding the most excellent bargain currently available.

A list of automobiles is available from dealerships close to their clients.


This website has no provision for the online purchase of cars you like.


7Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids

Best Auction Site

Cars & Bids is a simple website that allows users to either post used automobiles that they have available for sale or search for a specific make and model of a car they are interested in purchasing. In addition to providing users with tools that assist them in determining the optimal selling price for their vehicle, the website also offers users a forum to negotiate with prospective purchasers quickly. Doug DeMuro, a well-known automotive reviewer and YouTube personality, established Cars & Bids in 2020 to streamline and improve the method by which enthusiasts of contemporary automobiles may buy and sell vehicles.


The site offers a lot, like a history report on every car listed, low fees to detail a vehicle and lesser interest fees for buyers.

It does provide a historical record for every one of the vehicles that are featured on its sites.


This website does not provide any forms of available funding at this time.


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have already decided to use car sites by owner in your daily life and have found them to be of great value in helping you find the best-used car sites. If this is not yet the case, then you should start using such websites immediately. You will soon find out that they are essential to any effectively used car search.

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