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5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides

When looking for the best side by side UTVs for youths and kids, the first factor to always consider is “safety”.

Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides

While there are many side-by-side UTVs on the market designed for kids and youths, they differ in features, which makes it tedious to know which one is suitable for children.

To save you the hassle of futile research, we have taken our time to ease your search and have come with five of the best side by side UTVs for youths and kids.

Here are what we found out:

5SSR 170 UTV

5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides

The engine is the first feature to catch your interest as the SSR 170 UTV is driven by a 170 cc air-cooled four-stroke single-engine. With its fule capacity of 2.9 gallons, one can expect the vehicle not to go far, which is another way to ensure kids’ and youths’ safety.

The front breaks and rear breaks are dual hydraulic discs to enhance control. Also, with a wheelbase of 72″ and ground clearance of 7″, you have enough space against the ground.

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4Massimo Gunner 250s

5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides: Massimo Gunner 250s

While this UTV is a bit pricey than many side-by-side UTVs for youths and kids, it is one of the best UTVs in town, which can be sensed from its name – Massimo Gunner 250s. The engine is impressive as it cracks out 16 horsepower, complemented by a 2-wheel driving system.

Your kid is able to check up on himself as he drives with the provision of the speedometer, hour meter, odometer, and heat indicator. All these are provided to let your kid know when to adjust things, which is ideal for enhancing safety.

3Blade 150

5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides: Blade 150

Though the Blade 150 is not as popular as the first two side-by-side UTVs on this list, it is still an excellent option for youths and kids. What makes this vehicle a better choice is how handy it is for parents who are on a low budget. With just $2,899, you can get this UTV for your kid.

Its 150 cc engine has been in the industry for quite a while, and over the years, it has been dependable and reliable, making it an ideal investment. Also, since this side by side is chain driven with forward and reverse, you are less likely to get stuck in a tight condition.

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2Polaris RZR 170

5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides

The best UTV for kids sitting on the second position on this list is another product from Polaris. Just like the Ranger 150, the Polaris RZR 170 also pays more attention to safety, which makes it one of the best options for parents planning to buy a side-by-side UTV for their children. Here are some of the numerous safety features of this vehicle.

The first is the four-wheel hydraulic disc front and rear breaks that prevent sliding. The Polaris RZR 170 also comes with a training DVD, which is provided to aid your effort in training your kids and youths on how to drive safely. To top up these features, your kid also gets a helmet with the product.

1Polaris Ranger 150

5 Best Youth & Kids Side-by-Sides: Polaris Ranger 150

If you are a parent looking to get a side by side for your kid, it is your responsibility to look for one that makes lots of provisions for safety, and the Polaris Ranger 150 is an impressive option. To promote protection for kids and youths while driving, Polaris equipped this UTV with several safety features, such as safe start, digital limit setting, and geofencing capabilities.

With the geofencing feature, you can program your UTV to how and where you want it to drive. This feature also enables you to tell the vehicle at which speed to run in particular areas.

The Bottom Line

When looking for the best side by side UTVs for youths and kids, the first factor to always consider is “safety”.

Yes, kids and youths are thrill seekers and want to go on the highest possible speed, which can lead to accidents.

Hence, this article has provided you with the best side-by-side UTVs to consider for kids and youths.

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