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The 15 Biggest Problems With Tesla Cars - The Ultimate Guide

From poor build quality to slow customer service, there are plenty of alarming problems with Tesla cars!

Biggest Problems With Tesla Cars

Tesla cars are revolutionary cars that are a great alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. They're more environmentally friendly and they can also be driven in reverse to get you out of parking spaces. On top of that, many companies have set up Tesla charging stations all over the country so that Tesla owners can go in and out of their houses.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and is expected to take over the bigger market within the next few years. It would be safe to say that Tesla is headed in a positive direction, but it's worth pointing out some flaws.

Tesla cars have a few biggest problems that make them less than perfect. If you're considering buying one, read on to find out about the 15 major issues Tesla cars have.

1. They have a poor build quality

They have a poor build quality

Tesla cars have a lot of problems with their build quality. The interiors are designed well, but the materials used to make them are often low-quality, which causes a lot of issues down the road. Even some of the exterior parts of Tesla cars wear out after only a few months. If tesla cars were of good quality there would be no issues of bolts rusting off, fuses sticking out, or paint peeling off.

However, not everything on tesla is of poor quality. The roof and the body panels are all made from high-quality materials, and their interiors are nice as well.

2. They are expensive to maintain


The batteries on tesla cars have to be taken care of to keep them running, but the repairs that you have to do can cost you a lot the maintenance costs on tesla cars are more than any car, and they are more expensive than the maintenance costs of other electric cars as well. If you compare it up to other cars that use gas, their cost is still high.

They also have unnecessary repairs needed, like fixing a computer or replacing parts that are not broken. Tesla cars are great when they work, but if you want to get them fixed right away, they can be expensive. The average maintenance cost of a tesla is around $1100 a year, which is much more than most other cars out there.

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3. Replacing the batteries is a hassle

They are expensive to maintain

There's a big problem with the batteries in Tesla cars. They have long warranties which say they will last for 8 years, but after that warranty runs out the batteries can cost thousands of dollars to replace. The main issue with replacing the batteries is that you cannot remove them from your car yourself. Additionally, you have to go direct to Tesla to get the right type of battery. The main types of batteries are lithium and nickel-metal hydride. You cannot replace these batteries yourself with a traditional model.

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4. Tesla cars have issues with autopilot features

Tesla cars have issues with autopilot features

The self-driving features on tesla cars are great. They can steer, accelerate and decelerate without any human assistance, but they also have a lot of driver-related problems. The sensors are supposed to be able to detect pedestrians, signs, and other vehicles, but they can't do that well all the time.

It is impossible to detect every little thing out there, but tesla cars don't even register some things that other cars should. When it does work, the autopilot feature is awesome, but it can be dangerous when it does not work.

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5. Lacks a towing capacity

Lacks a towing capacity

If you plan on towing anything with your tesla car. prepare yourself for the worst. Tesla cars do not have a towing capacity of 2,500 pounds like other cars, which makes them much less comfortable to tow with. Many others can tow up to 8,000 pounds without issues, but tesla cannot handle that.

It will limit you on what you can do, as well as how you can use your car. Also, if you want to pull a boat or trailer of any kind, tesla cars are high-tech, and coming off the road for long periods can cause problems.

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6. More Rattling in the suspension

Tesla cars have a lot of problems with the suspension system. It is supposed to last a long time, and it could be, but that's not true for all Tesla cars. There are many different types of vehicles out there, and not all Tesla cars have the same suspensions. It makes it hard for them to handle bumps on the road and decreases their overall lifespan.

Bumps do something that shocks tesla cars more than other cars. The shocks are not made to handle the way tesla cars' suspension handles bumps, which often ruins their suspension. It can start to rattle and shake in the front of the car and it can be very annoying.

7. The power steer fails occasionally

The power steer fails occasionally

Tesla cars have an electric power steering system that makes them feel like they are sports cars, but it will fail sometimes. It's not a problem most days, but if you're involved in an accident the power steering can make your car feel like it's going to fall off the road. There are also reports of other drivers seeing the power steer system going in and out of sync while driving which can be dangerous. While turning, you can feel the steering take a few seconds to respond, and it makes driving a little less enjoyable.

8. Frequent wear of tires

Frequent wear of tires

This may seem like a problem that many cars have, but it is more of a problem with a Tesla car. They have tires that wear out too fast, and they think that the problem is with the tires themselves. They claim the tires have uneven tread on both sides of the tire, but this isn't what's causing the problems. The wheels are not perfectly aligned to their center axis, and it makes the tire wear out much faster than it should.

Also, if you have a tesla car that has a lot of miles on it. The tires will likely wear out. Buying new tires can make your car a lot safer, and it will increase the life of your tesla car.

9. Lacks car dealership support

If you ever have problems with your tesla car, you will be on your own. Tesla cars do not have a traditional dealership support system, and they are all independent of each other. Many people rely on their car dealerships to fix problems and help them choose the right car for their needs.

If your local tesla dealer is the only one around, then you're out of luck. You can go to other dealerships, but it might be harder for you to find the kind of car you want. If you're looking at purchasing a traditional car. then you should look into the dealership system and make sure that it works for you.

10. Stereotypical customer service

Stereotypical customer service

Tesla cars are pretty much new. so they do not have a traditional customer service system. If you have a problem with your tesla car. you will be on your own. You could go to Tesla's website, but it's not like a traditional website where you can get help right away. Many people turn to forums and communities to help them with their problems when they're having issues with their tesla car or other vehicles. Having decent customer service would be a great addition to their cars, and it would help them earn more customers.

11. Problem with Touch screen Cruise Control Adjustment

The main problem is that it is located on the center touchscreen and can be distracting. If you are paying attention to the road, you could end up in the wrong direction by mistake. The "clicking" sound that causes a lot of distraction also makes it hard to avoid traffic when you're merging onto a freeway.

12. Buggy updates

Tesla is notorious for releasing new versions of their software, and they constantly release updates that fix bugs and improve the user experience. However. these updates are often buggy and might end up making the car worse than it was before they were installed.

Tesla cars have had problems with their updates. Even though it was fixed in a few days, this kind of problem could happen again in the future.

Besides. there have been cases where the update breaks the car's connectivity. These types of crashes can be avoided by getting an emergency battery pack.

13. Not good on snow

Not good on snow

Tesla cars are not good in the snow, since their tires are generally not good at moving through rough or slippery conditions. Tesla cars fall short when it comes to having enough power to climb steep hills or even to move through heavy snow storms.

Tesla cars may not be as good at driving down icy roads, because they're designed to be less sensitive to cold weather than other vehicles.

Also, their tires tend to stay much cleaner than those of other cars. The snow tracked by the Tesla car tires is better to meet and keep the car moving safely.

14. Cold Battery Degradation

Cold Battery Degradation

This is related to the 13th problem. Tesla experts claim that a cold battery can only travel for about 60 miles, which is almost half the distance compared to what it can travel in moderate temperatures. It makes Tesla cars not great for people who live in cold climates.

Although the current produced by a cold battery is smaller, however, it still has a lot of energy in it This energy can be used to facilitate the lifting effect of an electromagnet. Hence, cold batteries are the most suitable for transmitting high voltage electricity through wires, but they do not help provide power to everyday objects like cars or homes due to their low power output and low output current.

15. Unreliable dashboard warning lights

The dashboard warning lights are probably the most necessary feature of a car. It tells you when your oil pressure needs to be checked or when your tire pressure has inflated.

In Tesla's case, the dashboard warning lights are unreliable. The online community has complained about how their meters go off randomly, which can be confusing for the driver because they don't know if it is real or fake. This problem creates a lot of unnecessary stress and seriously reduces the safety factor of Tesla cars.

The Bottom Line

Tesla cars are very cool and unique, but they are not the best car to buy. The big problem that Tesla owners have with their cars is the poor build quality, expensive maintenance, and they are no car dealership support for them...

If you are looking to buy a Tesla car, then make sure you keep these problems in mind before you purchase it.

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