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The 7 Most Expensive Honda Cars Ever Made

For people who are genuinely interested in the most expensive Honda cars, here are the 7 of them.

Most Expensive Honda Cars

Ever wondered why people love Honda cars so much? It's not as fast as a Bentley, and neither does it have the looks of a Tesla; then why does Honda get to be the strongest-selling brand in the US? The answer is simple; it delivers the quality to 'power your dreams' as its slogan says, that too within a budget. Honda is popular worldwide and is considered one of the best car brands due to its affordability, durability, and comfort. These three factors are the main reasons you witness a Honda in every other home in the neighborhood.

While this sweetheart brand continues to increase its consumption rate, it doesn't hesitate to introduce some luxury options for the elite class to have a mixed audience. Yes! Honda, the go-to car brand for all middle-class folks, has some extravagant cars to offer whose price tags go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars—presenting the 7 most expensive Honda cars of all time that deliver better quality, comfort, and performance suiting their price range.

If you are a car afficionado and you want to find out the top 7 most expensive cars from Honda. Here is a list complied from all over the internet - enjoy!

72017 Honda Civic Type R #01

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 7. 2017 Honda Civic Type R #01

Auction Price: $200,000

If you think that Honda's most expensive cars have to be luxury, then the 2017 Honda Civic Type R #01 is here to prove you wrong. 2017 sure was a good year for Honda because it was the birth year of its famous Civic Type R - the family car. The car was priced at a few thousand dollars at first, but over the years, its worth has increased insanely, rising to $200,000.

Unlike other Honda sports cars, the Civic Type R is a well-equipped, practical, spacious yet compact car that can easily fit a family of five. It has a peppy turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 306HP and 399NM torque. The Type R Civic is all about comfort, achieved through the comfy racing seats and sufficient passenger space. The exterior of this Honda is both bold and beautiful, and once it is on the road, it never fails to be recognized and distinguished from the others. Truly worth the $200,000 price tag.

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62009 Honda S2000 CR

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 6. 2009 Honda S2000 CR

Auction Price: $200,000

The value of the beloved Honda S2000 CR from 2009 has boosted crazily over the years, making it worth a quarter of a million dollars. Although it has no prominent features as its successors and predecessors, it is ranked among the most expensive Honda cars due to its rarity. In its release year, the S2000 was considered a magnificent beauty due to its build and interior. Still, most importantly, it caught the eye of motor enthusiasts because of its power output.

The S2000 has a naturally aspirated engine with 124HP per liter and 208NM torque that can take you from 0 to 100kmph in just 6.2 seconds. The Honda S2000 has a top speed of 241kmph and is extremely flexible even at a slow speed owing to the company's VTEC Variable Valve Timing which results in high performance and low fuel consumption at low RPM. Can you imagine that this car being auctioned at a price tag of $200,000 today was being sold for just $20,000 back in its era? Curse your inflation!

52003 Honda HSC Concept

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 5. 2003 Honda HSC Concept


Honda presented another grand masterpiece at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2003, which left the crowd in awe. The HSC Concept is one of the first few sports cars in the edition by the company that promises ultimate vehicle performance with carefree handling. This car looks nothing like the ordinary Honda and delivers straight Ferrari Enzo vibes, mainly because of the exterior design and technology introduced in this vehicle.

The HSC Concept is equipped with LED taillights with a swanky 3D pattern, a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the F1 style gearbox with instant gear shifts, and don't even get us started on the aluminum frame wrapped sleek body. The best part about the HSC Concept is that it can easily compete with modern-day sports cars due to its top speed of 60mph in 4.7 seconds to 186mph. This mid-engine sports beauty was not priced at $200,000 in 2003, however, the antique has been auctioned at this price for a few years now and today as well.

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4Honda NSX Type S

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 4. Honda NSX Type S


The latest Honda NSX Type S has officially been sold out in the US just days after its release. Yes! You can imagine the hype. But is it worth the money, or it is just about the good looks? There is no doubt that the NSX-S delivers aggressive looks thanks to the redesigned front bumper and that large carbon-fiber ducktail, and the signature 'Gotham Grey' matte tint finish is to die for.

Coming to the vehicle performance, the Type S Honda has a boosted 600HP engine with a 667NM of torque, which results in faster performance at a slower speed. In addition to these features, this sports car has a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox which offers better fuel economy with smoother rides. The NSX-S has a lightweight version with carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon-fiber engine covers, and minor interior trim.

What makes the NSX-S more precious is the limited number of articles created. This Honda sports car has only 350 articles in the world out of which only 50 were sold out of the US. Although it was priced originally for $184,900, the limited edition price hyped up to $254,000 worldwide.

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31995 Honda NSX Type R

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 3. 1995 Honda NSX Type R

$227,000 to $272,000

The first edition of the modern-classic NSX-R series was introduced in 1995 by Honda as the 'lightweight' and improved version of NSX. This NSX-R was made for the racetrack rather than the busy roads, and with features as amazing, the car was a fit for the speedway. While the NSX had excluded basic features like air conditioning, spare tire, contraction control, stereo, and sound deadening off the list, the company incorporated them innovatively in its next design.

NSX-R was designed as compensation for the NSX and thus had an enhanced interior with bright red Recaro seats and a new Momo steering wheel. It also had a 3.0-liter naturally-aspirated V6 engine that could run to a max speed of 163mph. This vintage beauty is worth any price tag from $227,000 to $272,000.

22005 Honda NSX-R

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 2. 2005 Honda NSX-R

~$345,000 to $436,000

2005 marks the launch year of NSX-R on the calenders of Honda. The 2005 version is the second in the row of the NSX Type R series, and without a doubt, it is better than its predecessor. This Honda sports car has a carbon-fiber body with aluminum monocoque that extends from its front air dam back to its roof. Although the 2005 NSX-R doesn't have pop-up headlights like its previous version, it does have the same popular white-tinted headlights. Apart from these basics, the NSX-R features a 3.2-liter V6 engine, a rack, and pinion steering system, and vented disc rear brakes with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Another interesting bit about the 2005 NSX-R is that it was launched as a homologation vehicle by Honda; with its max speed of 174mph, it could take down any race car of its time. Considering its worth, the Honda NSX-R is auctioned in the range of $345,000 to $436,000 as of today.

12010 Honda HSV-010 GT

Most Expensive Honda Cars: 1. 2010 Honda HSV-010 GT


You'll be thrilled to know that the greatest glam sports car Honda made was a 'replacement' for the NSX-GT sports car, which came nowhere near this glamzilla. Although the HSV-1010 GT was a replacement, the company had high hopes for this model and launched it straight on the racetrack. It was designed following the GT500 Regulations to make its debut in the Super GT Series.

Apart from the sturdy punk looks, the Honda HSV-010 GT owned a 3.4-liter V8 engine with a 490BHP and 392NM torque. The car has a full dry carbon body construction with large front wheels and smaller rear wheels, giving it the appearance of a sports car straight out of the Met Gala. The HSV-010 also claims a hydraulic ventilated disc system that supports performance and efficiency by reducing friction and avoiding accidents, thus ideal for the racetrack. The HSV-010 was considered a gem of a sports car at its time, and today it is valued at $900,000.

The Bottom Line

Honda has played with great competitors in the global market, and it always slays the game with its unique features. Be it the reliable family cars or the expensive luxury vehicles, the company never compromises quality and safety. So it is safe to say that you're investing each of your pence in the right spot, but is it worth buying a $200,000 car? For the sake of flexing, why not!

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