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Porsche Cayman vs. Porsche 911: Which to Buy?

Porsche 911 has splendid and advanced features than Cayman and has a more powerful engine that provides faster acceleration.

Porsche Cayman vs. Porsche 911: Which to Buy?

If you are a Porsche lover, you might be familiar with the famous Porsche models; Porsche Cayman and Porsche 911. However, getting familiar with these models is not enough if you are considering buying one of these Porsche models.

Today, we will discuss the differences between the Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayman.

An insight into the basics:

Overall, both these cars are an absolute beast when it comes to performance and design. However, some specific features make one car superior to another.

What is the Difference Between These Two?

Some of the primary differences between Porsche Cayman and Porsche 911 are specified below.

1. Prices

The main difference between the Porsche 718 Cayman and the Porsche 911 is price. The latter is more expensive but offers higher performance and features, while the former is more affordable and earns higher MPG ratings.

2. Engine Power

Another major difference between the two cars is their engines. Cayman has an integrated 300-hp 2.0L turbo H4 engine, due to which it can accelerate from 0-60 between 4.7-4.9 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Porsche 911 is fueled by a 370-hp 3.0L turbo H6 that can provide massive power to the tires in a short span. Due to more HP of the 911’s six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine, it provides extraordinary acceleration speed. The 911 can go from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds!

3. Features

While the 718 Cayman is designed as a mid-engine, two-seater, the larger 911 Carrera is designed as a 2+2 coupe with a small rear row. Generally, Porsche drivers tend to gravitate toward the 911 Carrera as an ultra-fine daily driver and the 718 Cayman as an adventurous, performance-oriented sports car.

The Porsche Cayman has tires that are built to last and offers exceptional handling at higher speeds. Also, the model has integrated front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera that is very handy.

In addition to this, a 7-inch touchscreen is also present in Cayman. The touchscreen is connected to Porsche’s communication management system through which you can get access to numerous features such as voice command, HD radio, satellite, and more.

All of these features are also included in the Porsche 911. Moreover, both Porsche Cayman and Porsche 911 also have an integrated audio system comprising six high-quality speakers that provide dynamic sounds. However, the audio system can be upgraded by adding 12 speakers instead of 6.

Other than that, both these models also support keyless entry. But for that, a bit of modification or upgrade is required.

In addition to all these features, Porsche 911 also has power sports seats and a Dual-zone automatic climate control compared to Cayman that has only an automatic climate control. So, in terms of features, the Porsche 911 is a clear winner.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Due to the smaller engine of the Porsche Cayman, it gives a better mileage in cities. In cities, Cayman provides 21 MPG. However, when on highways, it only provides 28 MPG, whereas the Porsche 911 having a faster and powerful engine, gives 29 MPG on highways.

What Should You Buy?

Despite being not so much fuel-efficient in the cities, the Porsche 911 is what we would recommend you to buy. It is because the difference is not that much in the MPG. Moreover, Porsche 911 provides better MPG on highways which is the biggest benefit of all.

Other than that, the Porsche 911 has splendid and advanced features than Cayman and has a more powerful engine that provides faster acceleration. The interior of 911 is also better than that of Cayman.

The above-specified is a short comparison between Porsche Cayman and Porsche 911.

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