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The Best and Worst Years for a Used Mercury Grand Marquis

We will show the best and worst years of the legendary vehicle with reasons why.

The Best and Worst Years for A Used Mercury Grand Marquis

For ages, the Mercury Grand Marquis was a living embodiment of the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't repair it."

With its robust but hefty body-on-frame construction, robust rear axle, and softly calibrated suspension calibrations, the large Mercury, a much nicer counterpart of the Ford Crown Victoria, exemplified old-school automotive architecture. By comparison, its more modern American and Japanese rivals had a lighter unibody structure and truly independent suspensions.

Since a result, the ride and coordination and management decreased slightly, as the Grand Marquis was not as sporty as more recent rivals.

However, the Grand Marquis was admired for its spacious interior, comfortable, quiet ride, and sturdy construction, not for its ability to tear down a twisty road at a breakneck pace. So it's unsurprising that for decades, its less flashy Ford cousin was the preferred choice of taxi firms, police departments, and fleet operators worldwide.

Ford, its manufacturer, has had multiple models over the years before concluding it in 2011. The Mercury Grand Marquis has had a lot of mixed reviews over its models. We will show the best and worst years of the legendary vehicle with reasons why.

The Best Years

The Best and Worst Years for A Used Mercury Grand Marquis: Best Years


The 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis was by far the best model. After a huge renovation in 2003, they followed up the annual model by correcting the mistakes the 2003 model had. Mercury also marketed the performance-oriented Marauder, a 1960s-inspired moniker. This decked Grand Marquis was equipped with a stiffer suspension, larger wheels, bucket seats, and a four-cam, 302-hp V8.

As predicted, the Mercury Grand Marquis had a plush, forgiving ride on the highway, but handling was sloppy. Ultimately, there was no way around this enormous sedan's decades-old architecture, considerable weight, and imposing dimensions.

2001 - 2002

Mercury has fine-tuned the engine of the Grand Marquis for 2001. It now generates more maximum horsepower and torque at higher revolutions per minute. This corresponds to 220 horsepower at 4750 rpm and 265 pound-feet of performance at 4000 rpm in normal, single-exhaust configuration. These figures increase power with dual exhausts available on the GS and standard on the LS.

The options packs have been simplified, which makes life easier for everyone.

2005 and the Newer Models

Mercury's final Grand Marquis models had an antique feel and were not the most practical-sized sedans. However, its imposing stature served a purpose. It was spacious enough in both the front and back rows for three individuals to sit comfortably. There is also plenty of baggage space in the trunk.

The Grand Marquis, with its muscle chassis, is a true classic. Despite this, it is trustworthy, sturdy, and, most importantly, simple. There is a reason that numerous police departments preferred it as a squad car.

1999 - 2000

While nearly every US manufacturer has fled our history, the Grand Marquis welcomes it with a large V8 under the hood and two back wheels performing the pushing.

The Grand Marquis boasts several high-tech features such as anti-lock braking and traction control despite this nearly extinct architecture. Additionally, it includes airbags, rear children's safety locks, and active side impact protection as standard.

The rear chassis and exterior design of this conventional American sedan have been updated.


Arguably the most controversial take in this list, the 2003 model could be number one if it wasn't for the multiple setbacks. Misfire due to spark plugs and ignition coil, and a transmission failure due to the inability of its Front Pump.

The automobile is extremely comfy and dependable. It comfortably accommodates six persons. The ride is smooth, and the bodywork is extremely solid, in contrast to the new automobiles, which are all composed of some form of plastic.

The most significant improvements occurred in 2003, when the Grand Marquis obtained an entirely new chassis with modified front suspension and stackable steering, significantly improving crash protection and handling. That year, antilock brakes were standard, and it offered the front side airbags.

1996 - 1997

The early models of the Mercury Grand Marquis were rough. Nonetheless, the '96-'97 models were the first that caught the eye of many.

The vehicles were well-known for their best-in-class aerodynamic bodies. Some might argue 95' as well, but we disagree. It retained the older style intake architecture. However, the EGR passage and valve seal were the still the issues like its older models.

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The Worst Years

The Best and Worst Years for A Used Mercury Grand Marquis: Worst Years

1992 - 1995

We could say a lot about the relaunch of this sedan. Introduced on November 28, 1990, for the 1992 year, the Ford and Mercury Panther platform automobiles experienced the most significant revisions since their 1979 launch. While they kept the frame, Ford completely rebuilt the body.

Unfortunately, Mercury was a bit slow updating and correcting its issues. As a result, other companies such as Acura and Lexus gained traction and rose as great car manufacturers. Unfortunately, this led to low sales in the market, and it was only until 2003 where a revamped model helped gain traction.


The 1998 model fades under the history books if you're looking for one today.

This year, the final of America's rear-drive sedans receives significant upgrades, including a new control module, new steering gear, and a smoother ride, courtesy of a Watt's linkage system. This year also marks the debut of all-speed traction control.

However, due to the outdated programming and poor performance, such as its Gas hogs, it's no wonder why this model is only seen for luxury rather than on the road.

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