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These 5 Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market; Buick No.1

Buick heavily depends on the Chinese market for its sales, with 78.11% of car sales occurring there.

These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

China surpassed Japan to become the world's second-largest economy in 2010. The same year it officially surpassed the United States as the world's largest car market. It has held onto that position ever since.

In 2021, China's auto market sales totaled 26 million units, 31.78 percent of the global total. That means that for every three cars sold worldwide, one was sold in China. In contrast, the United States and Europe--the two biggest markets--accounted for 18.64% and 20.41% of global car sales, respectively, in 2020.

Due to this, the Chinese auto market has become a competitive place for major auto manufacturers. Foreign auto companies have also formed a high dependence on the Chinese market. We'll rank these brands by their share of global sales in China and see who depends on the Chinese auto market.

Here are the car brands that are very dependent on the Chinese market:


These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market accounts for 78.11% of global car sales.

When it comes to the car brands with the highest dependence on the Chinese market, most people may first think of Volkswagen. But in fact, Buick will be more dependent on the Chinese auto market than Volkswagen.

For example, in 2011, Buick's global sales volume reached 1.06 million vehicles, with 828,000 sales in China alone--accounting for 78.11% of the brand's global sales. In other words, nearly 80% of Buick's sales come from the Chinese market. Those who don't know it think Buick is a Chinese independent brand.

However, judging from Buick's performance in China in recent years, the brand has not performed well. Its annual sales volume reached 1.23 million (2016) vehicles at its peak, but in 2021 performance was not satisfactory--only 828,627 units were sold. In 2022, Buick also changed its logo to an aggressive-looking design; can this help it break away from its slump? Only time will tell how the brand will change over the next two years.

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These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market accounts for 61% of global car sales.

Although Cadillac can only be regarded as the second tier of a luxury brand in the eyes of Chinese consumers, this does not affect the fact that China is Cadillac's largest overseas market. According to data from Cadillac 2021, last year, Cadillac sold 380,000 cars worldwide while 233,000 were sold in China--61% of its total sales volume.

But just after the peak, Cadillac also went downhill in 2022. Its cumulative sales in the first half of 2022 were only 84,000 vehicles, a year-on-year plunge of 30.58%. Although Cadillac's sales declined because of an epidemic in Shanghai and can't be blamed entirely on this epidemic, it directly impacted their sales. In my opinion, Cadillac's sales decline is directly related to the company's decision to focus on aggressive pricing and hitting a wall in the new energy market.

Some people say that Cadillac is a better value for money than the luxury brands of first-tier--Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus. After all, they argue that the price of Cadillac cars in China is comparable to those sold in the United States. The fundamental reason for this is that Cadillac has a different influence than its competitors in China!


These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market accounts for 46% of global car sales.

Volkswagen is the first European auto brand to enter the Chinese market, which gives it an irreplaceable position in Chinese people's hearts and makes it particularly popular with consumers. In particular, SAIC Volkswagen caters to almost all Chinese consumers' needs and completely abandons the original flavor of Germany. This has also made SAIC Volkswagen particularly popular with users in China in recent years.

According to sales data for 2021, the global sales volume of the Volkswagen brand was 4.9 million vehicles. The total sales volume of FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen accounted for 46% of the total.


These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market accounts for 43% of global car sales.

The Audi brand under the Volkswagen Group also relies heavily on the Chinese market. According to statistics released by the Audi Company, starting in 2021, sales of Audi vehicles in China reached 727,000 units, accounting for approximately 43% of the company's global sales. As a result, the Chinese market once again became Audi's largest single market in the world.

However, the gap between Audi's brand influence in China and that of Mercedes-Benz and BMW is widening. As a result, Audi is losing ground to its competitors!

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These Car Brands Are Very Dependent On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market accounts for 30.91% of global car sales.

Porsche is also a luxury sports car brand owned by Volkswagen; however, Porsche's sales in China have continued to rise in recent years. In 2021, sales once reached 86,800 vehicles (30.91% of Porsche's global sales) and were expected to continue growing.

Although Porsche has many fans around the world, China has become its largest single market, with no sign that this trend will change.

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The Bottom Line

From the sales composition of the auto mentioned above brands, it is not difficult to see that if they leave China's market, these car brands will suffer a "devastating" blow. Buick, in particular, has turned China into its home field. Similar to this, German automakers also rely heavily on the Chinese market, don't they?

In contrast, Japan's largest automaker, Toyota, sales in China will only account for 18.11% of its total global sales in 2021 (Toyota's largest market outside of Japan is North America, especially the United States, which accounts for 20.5% of Toyota's global sales).

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