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10 Ugliest Cars in the World

The Corbin Sparrow electrical vehicle is more than worthy of the first place.

Ugliest Cars in the World

Having a car may be everyone's dream. Getting in a big and fast machine and going wherever you want. Unfortunately, not all cars are as we dream. There are even some cars that you would rather never have.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some cars that have been widely considered to be the ugliest cars ever made, their unusual designs and poor performance have made them the butt of many jokes in the automotive world.

What are the ugliest cars in the world?

Let's take a look at the following list of the 10 ugliest cars in the world, you will be surprised!

10Pontiac Aztek

Ugliest Cars: 10. Pontiac Aztek

We’re not sure what’s worse, the Pontiac Aztek’s tiny wheels and tires, or the plastic lower body cladding that made the whole mess look like it waded into a kiddie pool.

The Pontiac Aztek has been widely considered one of the ugliest cars ever made. With its awkward, boxy design and plastic cladding, it was a commercial failure and is often cited as an example of bad car design.

9Tatra 603

Ugliest Cars: 9. Tatra 603

This car was made in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s. Although the car did not present any relevant technical problem, its weird shape makes it uncomfortable to look at. It looks like a broken egg!

8Suzuki X-90

Ugliest Cars: 8. Suzuki X-90

The Suzuki X-90 was a two-seater SUV that had an awkward, coupe-like design that made it look like a toy car. Its small size and underpowered engine also made it impractical as an off-road vehicle.

We must say that the Suzuki X-90 is definitely the ugly duckling in the family. Its odd-shape seems to be the bad combination of different designs of cars. Just like a badly armed puzzle.

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7Smart Fortwo

Ugliest Cars: 7. Smart Fortwo

Even though this car was built under the idea of a safe system and it was a great challenge to make it that tiny, it is really far from being neither an attractive model nor a cute one.

6Nissan Cube

Ugliest Cars: 6. Nissan Cube

What a lack of creativity! Its name is the exact description: It literally looks like a cube!

If what the designers wanted was to make a unique car, they did it and not in a good way.

The Nissan Cube was designed to be a quirky, boxy car for the youth market, but its unusual shape and asymmetrical windows made it one of the ugliest cars on the road. It was also criticized for its poor fuel economy and lack of power.

5Fiat Multipla

Ugliest Cars: 5. Fiat Multipla

Just as Simon Cowell once said, this car seems to have a disease. It really does not look like something created on the Earth. Just look at all those bulges, they are everywhere.

The Fiat Multipla was designed to be a practical family car, but its unusual shape and bulbous design made it one of the ugliest cars on the road. Its bug-eyed headlights and odd proportions made it look more like a cartoon character than a car.

4Nissan S Cargo

Ugliest Cars: 4. Nissan S Cargo

We have again a Nissan but it was impossible to ignore its trimmed shape. This attempt to a van was produced during the end of the 1980s but how people were brave enough to buy it?

3Bond Bug

Ugliest Cars: 3. Bond Bug

Not even close to the secret agent 007, this car looks like a toy. It is true that the original idea was to create a "fun car" but instead of fun I would feel shame.

2Subaru Brat

Ugliest Cars: 2. Subaru Brat

The Subaru BRAT, short for "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter".

This car was created with the idea of a small truck but the decisions in regards to its shape, design, and dimensions turned it into a really ugly car. A  real waste of time!

1Corbin Sparrow

Ugliest Cars: 1. Corbin Sparrow

The Corbin Sparro was initially produced by Corbin Motors, and subsequently after 2005, by Myers Motors.

The Corbin Sparro electrical vehicle is more than worthy of the first place. It looks like a tiny jelly triangle with strange rounded edges. How uncomfortable it may be to drive locked in such a weird car!

The Bottom Line

What do you think now? Did you ever imagine that there were such horrible things appearing to be cars? It seems the car industry does not always make the best decisions, at least regarding design and style.

Just as these 10 ugly cars, there should be many more around the world and the key question remains: Why do people buy these things? We will never know.

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