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Hyundai Logo: Meaning, Evolution, and PNG Logo

The idea that the stylized "H" in the logo resembles two people shaking hands, symbolizing respect and partnership, adds depth and meaning to the logo's design.

Hyundai Logo Evolution

What's the meaning of the word Hyundai?

The name "Hyundai" originates from South Korea and has its roots in the Korean language. The word "Hyundai" (현대) is a combination of two Korean words: "hyeon" (현), which means "modern," and "dae" (대), which translates to "generation" or "era." Therefore, "Hyundai" can be roughly translated to "modern era" or "modern times."

The Hyundai Group, founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947, initially started as a construction company and gradually expanded into various industries, including automobiles. The Hyundai Motor Company, which is now one of the world's largest automakers, was established in 1967 as a part of this conglomerate.

The name "Hyundai" was chosen to reflect the company's vision of contributing to the advancement and modernization of various industries, including the automotive sector, during the rapidly changing times of the mid-20th century.

How A Poor Korean Boy Created Hyundai

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

The Hyundai logo consists of an oval shape that encloses the letter "H" in capital, stylized in a unique and sleek manner, and While Hyundai has not officially provided an in-depth explanation of the specific symbolism behind its logo, here are a few interpretations and observations that have been made by experts and enthusiasts:

One common interpretation, is that the logo resembles two individuals shaking hands, representing trust, partnership, and customer satisfaction. One silhouette is seen as the company, while the other represents the customer, symbolizing a mutually beneficial relationship.

The oval shape of the logo has been interpreted as a representation of the globe or the Earth. This could reflect Hyundai's aspiration for global reach and its position as a significant player in the international automotive market.

Hyundai Logo Timeline

01of 71969

PNGHyundai Logo, 1969

The initial Hyundai logo's use of the letters "H" and "D" from the company name as an abbreviation creates a direct connection to Hyundai's identity. The elongated right leg of the "H," resembling a miniature spike, and the rounded right side of the "D" add distinctive characteristics to the typography.

The incorporation of geometric shapes, including the large bracket with an acute angle on the left and the surrounding thin ring, adds structure and balance to the emblem's design. The monochrome color scheme of black and white imparts a sense of simplicity and timelessness to the logo.

02of 71970

PNGHyundai Logo, 1970

In this version, the designers decided to keep all the elements of the original logo but made a modification to the circle component. They flattened the circle, transforming it into an oval shape. This change created a slight perspective effect, with the bracket inside the oval appearing slightly biased towards the back. As a result, the elements nearer to the bracket appear larger, while those further away appear smaller.

The designers' decision to introduce this perspective effect in the logo may have been aimed at adding depth and visual interest to the overall design. This modification allowed the logo to have a more dynamic and visually appealing appearance while retaining the recognizable elements of the Hyundai emblem.

03of 71974

PNGHyundai Logo, 1974

The 1974 Hyundai Group logo was a black and white monogram of "HD" in an extra bold custom typeface placed on a rectangular outline with both of the upper corners rounded and the bottom corners sharpened. The elongated "H" had its right vertical bar bent towards the right and pointed in its top part. The logo was placed on a white background surrounded by a thin black circular frame. This logo was used from 1974 until 1992.

The design of the logo was unique for its time, and its minimalistic black and white composition made it recognizable and memorable. While this logo may not be the same as the current one, it still bears the recognizable elements of the Hyundai emblem and has played a significant role in establishing the Hyundai brand identity.

04of 71978

PNGHyundai Logo, 1978

The incorporation of the letters "HD" within a rectangular frame, with the "D" filled with a solid color, showcases a simpler and more modern design compared to the previous logo. The legible style of the letters, combined with the rectangular frame, adds a sense of stability and balance to the emblem.

The addition of an inscription in Korean characters next to the "HD" emblem not only adds a unique cultural touch but also demonstrates Hyundai's connection to its Korean heritage.

05of 71990

PNGHyundai Logo, 1990

In 1990, Hyundai introduced a new logo design that marked a significant shift from the previous logo iterations. The new logo eliminated the "HD" emblem and the company name, instead featuring a stylized letter "H" in an oval shape. The letter was slightly slanted, adding a sense of motion and dynamism to the logo design.

The new design retained the color scheme of the previous logo, mainly white and dark blue, which represented trust, reliability, and professionalism.

This logo design has remained largely unchanged over the years, with only minor modifications to the font and color scheme. The logo's simplicity and modern design aim to reflect the company's innovative and forward-thinking approach to the automobile industry.

06of 72003

PNGHyundai Logo, 2003

In 2003, Hyundai made slight updates to the logo design. The company chose a different shade of blue, giving the logo a new and refreshed look. Furthermore, the wordmark "Hyundai" was added left side the emblem, using the same shade of blue as the symbol. The company opted for a sans-serif font for the logotype, which added a modern, clean, and sleek touch. This font choice has been maintained in the current Hyundai logo, providing consistency and recognition.

07of 72011–Present

PNGHyundai Logo, 2011–present

The 2011 Hyundai logo marked a significant evolution in the company's visual identity. The emblem introduced a sleeker and more contemporary design approach, centered around a stylized letter "H" enclosed within an oval shape.

The "H" was meticulously crafted to exude a dynamic and three-dimensional appearance, imbuing the logo with a sense of movement and progression. This design choice was aimed at symbolizing Hyundai's commitment to innovation and advancement in the automotive industry.

The color palette of the logo predominantly featured a combination of silver, blue, and black, contributing to a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. This color scheme was carefully chosen to align with Hyundai's aspiration to position itself as a modern and forward-thinking brand.

How to Draw the Hyundai Logo

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