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What's the Difference Between Audi S and RS?

RS models is Audi's highest performance 'top-tier' trim level.

Audi S and RS

Audi S and RS are two different high-performance versions of certain car models produced by the very famous car manufacturer Audi. But, unless you are a big fan of cars, racing, or the brand itself it is rather likely you don't know too well what is the difference between these two options.

So, what's the difference between Audi S and RS?

For starters, These two models offer many similarities:

1. They are on a higher price range than the regular Audi brand and the looks and finish of these two models included in this line are much sleeker, modern, and fashionable than those of the regular Audi lineup.

2. They are focusing more on sports performance than Audi mainstream models. Which regular Audi models focus more on practicality, reliability, and price since they produce mostly family cars.

Read on to learn which one may be a better fit for you.

1Audi S Models

Audi S models: S4

Audi S models include S1, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, TTS, SQ5, SQ7.

The S models started to be produced in 1990 and its first model (the Audi S4) was modeled in the Audi A4.

All Audi "S" models are equipped with Audi's 'trademark' Quattro four-wheel-drive system as standard. Unique internal combustion engines, along with larger, more powerful brakes, stiffer suspension systems, additional exterior body styling, and carbon fiber interior trims set them apart from their related "siblings" of their respective model range.

Audi produces a specification of optional sports trim packages to their mainstream models A/Q/TT, known as the S line. This is merely a trim specification that allows customers to effect a sporty appearance in their mainstream Audi model. Whilst the specific S line trim parts are designed and produced by Audi Sport GmbH at its Neckarsulm factory, these mainstream cars are still manufactured and assembled by AUDI AG at their relevant factories on the same production lines alongside their other standard models.

Cars with S line trim are not to be confused with the specific high-performance offerings — the "S" models (made by AUDI AG), and the "RS" models (made by Audi Sport GmbH); Audi cars with S line trim bear identical performance figures to their counterparts with a base or SE trim levels.

2Audi RS Models

Audi S models: RS Q3

Audi R/RS models include RS3、RS4、RS5、RS6、RS7、TTRS、RS Q3、R8.

The RS models were created 4 years later in 1994 and the first model they produced was the RS2 was modeled after the Audi 80/90.

The "RS" initials are taken from the German: RennSport — literally translated as "racing sport". The characteristics and costs of these cars are equated to cars belonging to the supercar class.

RS models is Audi's highest performance 'top-tier' trim level, positioned distinctly above the "S" ("Sport") specification level of Audi's regular model range. All "RS" cars pioneer some of Audi's latest and most advanced technology and engineering prowess, therefore, "RS" cars could be described[by whom?] as "halo vehicles". Audi RS cars are some of the most powerful vehicles ever offered by Audi as well as R8.

Audi "RS" models are considered direct competitors to similar-sized hardcore sports models from BMW M and Mercedes-AMG, whereas the Audi "S" models (as of 2010) have been positioned more as engine upgrades.

The RS models unlike Audi "S" models whose interiors are well-furnished in order to retain the feel of sport luxury, the interior of Audi "RS" models are often spartan by comparison as the emphasis is more on-track performance than luxury.


Audi S and RS main difference between this lines is that the "S models" focuses more on sports cars, while the RS models focuses on "racing sport" cars: while both lines feature sleek and modern looks and include sports suspension, sport steering wheels and leather finishes amongst other beautiful details; the RS line features a high power engine geared towards speed and power while the S line doesn't include this option.

So if you are looking for a high-performance car you should look into the Audi RS series, while if you prefer looks and don't really care about speed you could save a little if you buy an Audi S series.

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