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What is Mercedes-AMG?

AMG was originally an independent engineering firm specializing in performance improvements for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

What is Mercedes AMG?PHOTO CREDIT:

Mercedes-Benz has become one of the most popular and luxury car brands the world has to offer, selling around 2.9 million vehicles in the year 2019. However, few people realise that the company owns a separate branch selling high-performance sports cars, known as Mercedes AMG.

The AMG side of Mercedes was originally founded by two German engineers in the 1970s, whose independent company specialised in customising average Mercedes-Benz vehicles to better-equip them for road racing and sporty driving. These adaptations included giving the cars better engines, better handling, streamlined features and other improvements. In 1999, the owners of Mercedes-Benz discovered the company and took an immediate interest, offering to buy the company out. However, it wasn’t until six years later, in 2005, that Mercedes AMG was wholly owned by Daimler AG.

Today, Mercedes AMG is among some of the biggest sports car retailers on the planet. When it was first bought by the larger Mercedes company, AMG started by simply designing, testing and manufacturing speedy engines, before moving on to building custom made sporty road cars. Although the company no longer customises original Mercedes (only manufactures new models), it still makes some of the most dependable, competitive vehicles on offer.

1What is the Difference Between Regular Mercedes and AMG?

What is Mercedes AMG? Difference

Most people, when hearing about the brand, Mercedes AMG, would immediately consider it part of the Mercedes-Benz range. However, one of the main differences between regular Mercedes and Mercedes AMG is that they are different companies. AMG is a subsidiary of Mercedes, meaning that it is owned by them, however, all of their vehicles are technically part of a different brand.

Mercedes AMG automobiles are also designed to have more power than regular Mercedes and include sporty-style handling. AMG vehicles use a more stylish aesthetic than original Mercedes-Benz vehicles, to give the cars a sport-like feel. One similarity is that both original and AMG cars are made specifically for road driving, rather than track-racing, so AMG always makes sure that after any modifications, the cars are still road safe.

But most importantly, Mercedes AMG pride themselves on taking the time to hand build every engine, which regular Mercedes do not do. These engines help to make AMG much more exclusive and luxury, reaching out to car enthusiasts across the globe and differentiating them from the regular Mercedes-Benz brand.

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2How Do I Know if My Mercedes is AMG?

What is Mercedes AMG? Signature

Whilst there are lots of small, distinctive features which are signs that your Mercedes is an AMG, the biggest clue lies beneath the bonnet. Each handmade engine has the clear AMG lettering around the sides and also has the signature of the engineer who built it stamped onto the front, making it both easy to recognise and personalised.

By checking the side apron, you can also see the engine name, which will tell you whether the Mercedes is AMG or not. V12 Biturbo, V8 Biturbo, 6.3, V8 AMG and Turbo AMG are all specifically AMG engines and will never be seen on any other brands of car. Additionally, looking inside the wheel at the brake callipers can also give you a sign that the car is a Mercedes AMG, as you will be able to spot the distinct AMG lettering.

3Is Buying a Mercedes-AMG Worth it?

What is Mercedes AMG? Worth it

For most people, buying an AMG Mercedes is probably not the best investment. The initial purchase of the car is expensive, and most of the sports models come with huge running costs on things like fuel, road tax, tyres and insurance. As a vehicle that would simply be used for driving from place to place, the purchase is not worth it.

However, for someone who has a need for speed, loves sporty cars and would use it all the time, whilst also having enough money to the run the car, then Mercedes AMG is one of the best brands for you to choose. With an infamously loud exhaust and tyre-abusing properties, the Mercedes AMG range offers an expensive yet thrilling experience for any car enthusiast.

AMG also offer a slightly more expensive range called 'trim levels', which give the same thrilling ride but with much lower running costs (about the same as an average Mercedes), so for a car lover who is looking for a more environmental vehicle, then trim level is the way to go!

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