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The 7 Best Batmobiles from the Batman Movies

Batmobiles – those iconic cars that have become the symbol of Bruce Wayne's alter-ego Batman.

Best Batmobiles from the Batman Movies

Batman is my favorite superhero of all time. Being the greatest detective in the world while simultaneously being a genius in the sciences and a master of martial arts, he exudes coolness like no other fictional comic book hero. Excluding his tragic background, which, ironically, is what drove him to vigilantism, he is perfect. He is also a billionaire, as if his perfect list of attributes is not perfect enough.

Aside from the Batwing and the Batpod, the Batmobile is one, if not the most famous automobile featured in Batman films since the earliest cinematic adaptations. And who refuses a good-old Batmobile in a Batman film? Nobody. And so, as a fellow Batman fan, come and let’s take a look at a list of the best movie Batmobiles featured in Batman films.

7Batman Forever Batmobile

Batman Forever Batmobile

The design of this particular Batmobile may have been appealing if the goal was only to sell a toy, but many find it hard to take it seriously for more than that, and this overdesigned vehicle only makes the people's dismay all the more sensible. With what looks like a rib-cage in place of what should and has to be a jet-black colored exterior, it only makes matters worse by its choice to be way too bright, completely neglecting the fact that Batman prioritizes stealth as a strategy first and foremost. The bat symbol boastfully rolling along the middle of the tires serves as a nail in the coffin securing this Batmobile six feet below virtually anyone's list.

6Batman and Robin Batmobile

Batman and Robin Batmobile

It is easier to imagine Bruce Wayne riding this automobile in his playboy crusades rather than him using it to run down supervillains in a highway chase. Though in its own accord, it is charming in its own way. The glowing wheels and choice of colors are compliments of the over-the-top look the film itself is trying to achieve. The addition of wings behind may be a dealbreaker for some on choosing whether to approve this Batmobile's design or toss it out of the conversation.

5Mask of the Phantasm Batmobile

Mask of the Phantasm Batmobile

The plain black palette of this Batmobile resembles the appeal of Zorro’s jet-black horse, Tornado. Serious, stern and regal, it makes the perfect ride for a hero. Its lack of pretense also compliments the film's serious tone. It knows its place in Batman's story, not a blaring element to distract the audience, but not shy to announce its importance and rightful place in its mythology.

4The Tumbler (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

The Tumbler (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. Whether one finds the ruggedness of The Tumbler appealing or detestable is totally reliant on personal taste. The Tumbler can be rather pleasingly powerful and not atrocious as others dare say. Sure, it wasn't the most elegant Batmobile to come to life, but it's tank-like structure provides a perfect object for a thrilling chase scene, like a lion running at full speed to hunt its fragile prey. Being a literal tank, it also has destructive machineries attached into it, and so its lethality makes up for the lack of stylishness.

3Batman V Superman Batmobile

Batman V Superman Batmobile

This Batmobile is more savage and territorial in combat than anything from The Dark Knight trilogy or any other Batman film. We witness its wrath as we see it run through and pulverize normal vehicles as if they were made out of sand. With its lightning speed and several high-powered arms attached into it, it is capable of greater destruction against obstacles who dare stand along its ruinous path. It made for a satisfying upgrade from TDK trilogy's Tumbler.

2The Batman (2022) Batmobile

The Batman (2022) Batmobile

I have mixed feelings about The Batman film as a whole. That said, I will pay money to see it again in a theatre, if only to see one of the most epic chase scenes in any film ever one more time. This Batmobile is authentic and straightforward by design, being rid of flashiness and glitz, while still possessing finesse. Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne being a gearhead himself sure makes the design make much more sense, making it less about flaunt and more about efficiency. It is truly one of the excellent elements constituting the film.

1Batman '89 Batmobile

Batman '89 Batmobile

Tim Burton's Batman decided on going against the general expectations out of a comic book film during its time, which is why this Batmobile deserves to be on the top of any list concerning the best movie Batmobiles. Gothic, menacing, and ghastly, it is not far from what you would expect to meet on a night in the dark streets of Gotham City. The list of the things it can do is also commendable - it possesses a high-end navigation and voice command recognition system, machine guns, shinbreakers, side-disc launchers, and even a grappling hook. The Batmobile many came to know and love became the quintessential example of how Batman's ultimate ride should be.

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