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The Top 7 Best Batmobiles Of All Time

The Batmobile is one of Batman's most iconic vehicles.

Best Batmobiles Of All Time

For every Batman film, all eyes are on the main hero. However, the Batmobile is probably the next thing that people anticipate. Through the years, the Batmobile took different forms depending on the film's producer or director.

The Batmobile is one of Batman's most iconic vehicles. It's been featured in every live-action Batman film since 1989, and it has also appeared in several other media such as video games, cartoons and comics.

In this article, you will discover perhaps the seven best versions of the Batmobile.

7Batman And Robin (1997)

Batman And Robin (1997)

This Batmobile comes with cool features and intimidating. It's also a bit stupid. The claustrophobic interior means he won't be driving robin anywhere, and he won't be taking anyone to the hospital for aid. Additionally, the Batmobile is essentially a deathtrap for Batman in case the vehicle tumbles over. Thankfully, this Batmobile isn't exactly a complete and utter failure.

It comes with a ton of flashy features such as a Redbird cutoff switch, bladed front-end fins, two-way video screens, and pulsating light. Of course, who can forget about the lighted-up engine panels and wheels. No villain in their right mind would want to see this coming their way. But then again, most of Batman's enemies are not exactly well-balanced people.

6Batman Forever

Batman Forever

The vehicle used in Batman Forever is equipped with a wide variety of unique components designed to combat crime, such as a system diagnostics display, rear-view monitor, and jet exhaust. Additionally, it can lock each of the four wheels in a uniquely perpendicular position. As a result, Batman can perform nimble sideways movements. In addition to that, it can fire grappling cables and climb steep slopes.

5The Batman (2022)

The Batman (2022)

The Batmobile driven by Robert Pattison is distinguished by a few distinctive characteristics such as a broader body, glowing interior parts, and exposed mid-engine. It's more like a cross between a muscle car and a stunt vehicle. Despite having far more openings than any other Batmobile, it appears safe enough. Hopefully, as Robert Pattison continues his journey as the Batman, he might want to add more armor to his car.

4The Justice League Batmobile

The Justice League Batmobile

The Justice League version is heavily fortified and has a plethora of high-tech devices and firearms. The unique aspects of this Batmobile include surveillance capabilities, toxic scans, sonar, night-vision mode, onboard electronics, smokescreen, stealth capabilities, spiked coils, harpoons, and retractable machine guns, and more. Its adjustable suspension lets it navigate both the city streets of Gotham and off-road terrain with equal ease. It had a body that was more reminiscent of classic Batmobiles than Christopher Nolan's Tumbler.

3The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy

The vast majority of people consider the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy superior to the Snydermobile.

There is no doubt whatsoever about the vehicle that Christian Bale was operating. His Batmobile looked more like a tank than a car. A brutal-yet-strangely gorgeous tank. And, one that could perform leaps of up to 30 feet in height. In addition, it included machine guns, a single jet engine, and adjustable control surfaces.

2The 1960s Batman Series

The 1960s Batman Series

Ford once had a Futura concept car, which the company then abandoned. Goerge Barris then took the liberty to modify it into the Batmobile, which Adam West drove at the time.

It would seem that the fictitious automobile had everything such as a battering ram, rear-facing camera, nail spreader, smoke emitter, quick 180-turn capabilities, police beacon, onboard computer, dash monitor, radar, telephone, rockets, lasers, chain slicer, and turbo engine.

1The Batman (1989)

The Batman (1989)

You already know it. Everyone is aware of it. The live-action Batmobile featured in Batman 1989 was widely regarded as the greatest ever created. It is stunning to look at yet scary to behold. Elegant while maintaining a high level of fierceness. Strong but graceful. In addition to that, it has everything a Batmobile should have.

Tim Burton's Batmobile was a fully loaded, one-of-a-kind creation made from two Impala chassis that were joined together. Its front end was equipped with a jet turbine inlet, while its back end housed an afterburner.

The inside of the vehicle is really stunning, while the outside is menacing. Additionally, it was the first to use a slide-out cockpit hatch similar to the ones found in a fighter aircraft.

In addition to that, it included a "Batmissile" mode. The Batmobile from 1989 can discard any unnecessary components, allowing the primary body to pass through tight passageways. Then, Bruce Wayne would be able to attach new pieces to the automobile and bring it back to its former magnificence.

Wrapping It All Up

Batman is one of the most popular superhero films that have been adapted and re-adapted many times. While the Batman may be the central attraction, but the iconic Batmobile probably comes second. With so many Batmobile variations, not all of them will be winners, and some will be duds.

The best Batmobile may be a subjective topic, but more or less, most people would agree with the list above.

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