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The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines

The Ford 3.0L V6 engine is one of the most widely used engines in the Ford lineup.

Best Ford V6 Engines

Ford motor company is one of the oldest and largest car manufacturing company in North America. The company manufactures a variety of vehicles for its US and international market. Ford also produces different engines, which come with powerful features and deliver fantastic power output and torque.

The V8 series of Ford is famous, but the company has produced and continues producing V6 engines worth the money. In this article, we’ll talk about the seven best Ford V6 engines. So, let’s get started!

1Ford Consul/Zephyr V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford Consul/Zephyr V6 Engine

Ford Zephyr V6 engine was introduced in 1951 and discontinued its production in 1966. The engine included both straight-4 and six OHV engines. The Zephyr was one of the best Ford V6 engines, and Essex V6 engines replaced it. The V6 Zephyr was installed in different vehicles such as Allard Palm Beach, Buckler DD2, Ford Consul, Ford Zephyr 4, Paramount 10, and Reliant Sabre.

The first engine produced by Ford in 1951 delivered 1.5L displacement and had a compression ratio of 6.8:1. The Zephyr-4 V6 delivered a power output of 47 bhp at the RPM of 4400. The Zephyr-6 or straight-6 was one of the widely used engines. Its displacement began at 2.3L and had a compression ratio of 6.8:1. The engine delivered a power of 71 bhp. Overall, it was one of the best V6 engines.

2Ford Cologne V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford Cologne V6 Engine

The Cologne V6 series is one of the best V6 engines manufactured by Ford. The production of the Ford Cologne V6 began in 1962, and it was discontinued in 2011. Cologne V6 engine is also known as Ford Taunus V6. Along with other V6 engines such as GMC truck V6, Buick V6, and Ford Essex V6, Cologne was one of the first V6 engines manufactured in large quantities.

From 1962 to 2011, the engine displacements evolved from 1.8 to 4.0L. The 4.0L variant of the Ford Cologne V6 featured a pushrod overhead-valve and a single camshaft between the banks. The Cologne V6 engine was made compatible with the Ford Taunus V4 engine with the same transmission pattern and the engine mounts. The power out of the Cologne V6 was 81 to 324 HP, and it delivered the torque of 100 to 254 lb-ft. Needless to say, Ford Cologne V6 was one of the best V6 engines by Ford, and it’s still in service in old cars and trucks.

3Ford Vulcan V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford Vulcan V6 Engine

Ford Vulcan V6 was a 60-degree V6 engine, which had a cast-iron block and iron heads. The engine was used in Ford vehicles from 1986 to 2008. Originally Ford Vulcan V6 engine was designed as an optional engine for Ford’s Mercury Sable and Taurus. In 1992 the Vulcan became the standard engine for Ford Taurus. The engine was also installed in Tempo, Probe, Mercury Topaz, Aerostar, Ford Ranger, Ford Windstar minivans, and Mazda B300 pickups.

The Ford’s Vulcan V6 is a 3.0L engine and has an electronic fuel injection system. Vulcan V6 delivers a power output of 140 to 155 HP; the engine delivers a torque of 160 to 186 lb-ft. The engine has a simple pushrod design and features 2-valves per cylinder. Vulcan also replaced Cologne 2.9 engine as the base V6 in the Ford Ranger.

4Ford Duratec V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford Duratec V6 Engine

Ford Duratec is a 60-degree bank angle V6 engine of Ford, and it is also known as Mondeo V6. The primary engineering idea of Ford Duratec came from Porsche, and then the idea was sold to Ford. Jaguar AJ-V6 is an advanced variant of Ford Duratec. The engine was introduced in 1993 and was discontinued in 2012. Ford Duratec V6 is available in three displacements, i.e., 2.5L, 2.5L (2,544 CC), 3.0L. The block and head material used in Duratec V6 was aluminum. The engine has a power rating of 170 to 508 HP and has a torque rating of 165 to 521 lb-ft.

In 2006, Ford introduced the engine Duratec 30, which had a variable valve timing (VVT) feature. The engine was introduced in models of Mercury Milan, Lincoln Zephyr, and Ford Fusion. The Duratec 30 has a power output of 221 bhp and delivers torque of 205 lb-ft. The engine was upgraded for the second generation, and it has a power output of 240 bhp and delivers torque of 223lb-ft.

5Jaguar AJ-V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Jaguar AJ-V6 Engine

Jaguar AJ-V6 engine is the advanced version of Ford’s Duratec V6, making it one of the best Ford’s engine. The engine was manufactured by Ford for the Jaguar cars from 2000 to 2011. The Jaguar AJ-V6 was available in three different displacements, i.e., 2.1, 2.5, and 3.0L. The engine featured an aluminum block and used a variable valve timing feature.

Jaguar AJ-V6 engine featured sequential fuel injection, 4-cylinders per valve, direct-acting mechanical bucket tappets, one-piece cast camshaft, and power metal connecting rods. All these features combined make Jaguar AJ-V6 one of Ford’s best production. All three variants of the AJ-V6 engine has a power rating of 157 to 240 HP, and they deliver a torque of 148 to 221 lb-ft.

6Ford Cyclone V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford Cyclone V6 Engine

Ford Cyclone V6 engine belongs to the family of V6 engines, and it was introduced in 2006. The engine is also known as the Duratec EcoBoost engine, and it is in service till today. The first variant of Ford Cyclone was 3.5L was installed in Lincoln luxury variant and Ford Edge. The engine is installed in Mercury Sable, Taurus, Flex, Mazda CX-9, and Taurus X. The engine is available in 3.3, 3.5, and 3.7L displacement.

The features of Cyclone V6 include the displacement capacity of up to 4.0L, DAMB camshaft tappets, twin-independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT), independent variable cam timing (iVCT). Other features such as turbocharging and gasoline direct injection are added in the EcoBoost variant of the Ford Cyclone V6. The engine has a power rating of 262 to 350 HP and delivers torque of 248 to 320 lb-ft.

7Ford SHO V6 Engine

The 7 Best Ford V6 Engines: Ford SHO V6 Engine

Ford SHO V6 or Super High Output belongs to the Ford DOHC V6 engines. The engine has a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Due to its appearance, the engine is transplanted into other vehicles. The variable-length intake manifold of the SHO V6 engine is unique and bilaterally symmetrical, making it easy to rotate at 180-degrees.

The bell housing pattern of the SHO V6 is similar to Vulcan V6. The engine was introduced in 1989 and was discontinued in 1995. The block material in Ford SHO V6 is iron, while the head material is aluminum. The engine is available in 3.0L and 3.2L displacements. The engine has a power rating of 220HP and delivers torque of 200 to 215 lb-ft.

The Bottom Line

V6 engines mean 6-cylinder engines, and mostly the V6 engine is used in passenger vehicles because of their compact size. The Ford 3.0L V6 engine is one of the most widely used engines in the Ford lineup.

Different companies manufacture the V6 engines, but Ford has manufactured some of the best V6 engines. The V6 engines mentioned in this article are the best V6 engines ever manufactured by Ford motor company.

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