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1934 Ford V8 Reviews, Prices, and Specs

Today the Ford V8 is one of the most popular vintage cars because it was one of the last achievements of Henry Ford’s career.

1934 Ford V8 Reviews, Prices, and Specs


Ford never manufactured a car, which was officially called V8, but many people called model 18 and model 40 from 1932-34 as Ford V8. It was the world’s first V8 car that was mass-produced. The V8 engines at the time were available only in luxury cars or expensive sports cars until 1932 because no one had put the V8 engine in affordable cars.

In 1929, Chevrolet installed a straight-6 engine into its mass-produced cars, superior to Ford Model A. In response to Chevrolet, Henry Ford commissioned a V8 engine’s development to be installed into Ford’s mainstream cars. It was the last achievement of Henry Ford’s career.

The original idea of Henry Ford was to install the V8 engine in all his next-generation cars, but on the safe side, he made two different cars. One with the conventional 4-cylinder model called Model B, while the other was the V8 model known as model 18. Both the cars were the same except for the engine; the cars had a stylish look with a beautiful grille.

The V8 engine developed by Henry Ford was famous for its performance, durability, and looks. After the second world war, the used chassis and V8 engines were available at low cost, and people modified them. They installed aggressive tires, upgraded transmissions, larger engines, brakes, lowered suspensions, sportier bodywork, and painted them with fancy colors. These modified cars were called “hot rods” without V8, there would have been no hot rods.


1934 Ford V8, Tudor Sedan

1934 V8 was the updated version of Ford’s V8 line; it had a powerful engine and a few styling changes. The 1934 version was called Model 40, the car featured a flatter grill, and there were detail differences compared to its predecessors.

The Stromberg two-barrel carburetor was used in the 1934 version of Ford V8, and the power from the pushrod was increased to 85 bhp. Different body styles were available for the 1934 version of V8 or model 40. There were different desirable configurations, such as the three and five-window coupe, 2-door cabriolet, and 2-door roadster.

The car featured three-speed manual transmission with a V8 engine, with a top speed of 65 miles per hour. The car was 147 inches long, while the smaller versions of the Ford V8 were few inches shorter. 1934 Ford featured a fuel tank of 16-gallons and held 22 quarts of water for the coolant system.


As discussed earlier, the V8 was developed by Henry Ford in 1932; below are the specifications of the 1932-34 Ford V8.


Model Ford V8
Production year 1932-34
Unites produced 1 million units (approx.)
Engine V8, 2V/CYL, side valves
Capacity 3621 cc
Layout, Gearbox Front-engine, 3M, Rwd
Power 65 – 85 hp
Weight 1090 Kg for Roadster
Torque 130 lb.ft
Top speed 76 mph
0-60 mph 17* seconds


Model 40
Transmission Three-speed Manual
Engine V8
Top speed 65 mph
Average weight 827 Kg
Length 147-inches
Width x Height 57 x 63 inches
Fuel tank capacity 16 gallons
Coolant system water capacity 22 quarts
Tires 5.5 x 17 inches

Common Problems

1934 Ford V8, Deluxe Roadster

Many people ask some questions about the 1934 Ford V8. In this section of the article, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions about the 1934 Ford V8.

How Fast was the 1934 Ford V8?

1934 Ford featured the three-speed manual transmission V8 engine in all its models. The car had a top speed of 65 miles per hour (104 kilometers per hour). 1934 Ford was one of the fastest cars because earlier V8 engines were only used in sports cars or expensive luxury cars.

How Much Did a 1934 Ford Cost?

There were different models produced, and each model had a different price tag. The table below shows the prices of different models of the 1934 Ford V8 at the time.

1934 Ford V8 Model Price ($)
Cabriolet 590
Coupe 3-window 555
Deluxe Fordor 625
Deluxe Phaeton 550
Deluxe Roadster 525
Deluxe Tudor 575
Fordor Sedan 585
Tudor Sedan 535
Victoria 610

Why is the 1934 Ford V8 so Popular?

1934 Ford V8 was extremely popular because of its elegant and graceful design. It had an upgraded V8 engine as compared to the previous Ford V8. Secondly, Ford V8 became popular among hot rodders.

After the second world war, Ford V8 different models were rodded, and in the 1960s, the rodding was being done on a large scale. Due to the modification and cheap availability of the chassis and V8 engine, Ford V8 became popular.

The Bottom Line

Today the Ford V8 is one of the most popular vintage cars because it was one of the last achievements of Henry Ford’s career. He made the V8 engine more affordable and mainstream with his Ford V8 series.

The 1934 Ford V8 had different variants; the Tudor and Fordor were the most common, while Victoria was the luxurious Ford V8 model. Overall, Ford V8 was one of the popular cars, and after world war II, it became more famous with hot rodders.

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