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Truck Brands

Daimler's truck division, which includes the Freightliner and Western Star brands, is the largest truck manufacturer in the world, with a market share of around 16%.

Truck Brands

Heavy and Medium-duty Trucks

The world's largest truck manufacturer is currently Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz Group), a German multinational automotive corporation that produces a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and luxury cars. Daimler is the parent company of several popular brands, including Mercedes-Benz trucks, Freightliner, Western Star, Fuso, and BharatBenz.

Daimler's truck division, which includes the Freightliner and Western Star brands, is the largest truck manufacturer in the world, with a market share of around 16%. The company produces a range of trucks for various applications, including long-haul, regional, and vocational use. Its trucks are known for their quality, reliability, and advanced technology, such as the Detroit DD15 engine and the Freightliner Cascadia's aerodynamic design.

Other major truck manufacturers include Volvo Group, which owns brands such as Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, and Renault Trucks; Volkswagen Truck & Bus, which owns brands such as MAN and Scania; and PACCAR, which owns brands such as Peterbilt and Kenworth. Each of these companies produces a range of trucks for different markets and applications, and they compete fiercely in the global truck market.

Let's take a look, Which truck brands are on the list.

United States

In the United States, commercial truck classification is determined based on the vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The classes range from 1–8. Trucks are also classified more broadly by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which groups classes 1–2 as light duty, 3–6 as medium-duty, and 7–8 as heavy duty.

According to industry data, Freightliner has been the best-selling Class 8 truck brand in North America for many years, with a market share that has consistently been around 40%. This means that almost half of all Class 8 trucks on American roads are Freightliners.

Freightliner's position as the most popular truck brand in America is a reflection of its commitment to producing high-quality, dependable trucks that meet the needs of businesses and drivers across a range of industries.


Mercedes-Benz and MAN are two of the most prominent German truck brands, known for producing high-quality commercial vehicles that are widely used in various industries and purposes.


Volvo Trucks is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world. The company produces a wide range of trucks for various industries, including long-haul, construction, and distribution. Volvo is known for its advanced safety features, fuel efficiency, and high-quality products.


FAW Jiefang is the largest heavy truck group in China in terms of market share. The company has been a dominant player in the Chinese heavy truck market for many years, and it has consistently held the top position in terms of market share.

FAW Jiefang's success in the Chinese market can be attributed to a number of factors. The company has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, reliable trucks that are well-suited to the demands of the local market. It has also invested heavily in research and development to improve the performance and efficiency of its trucks, while also staying at the forefront of new technological developments in the industry.


Japanese truck brands are highly respected in the industry for their advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and reliability, making them popular choices for various industries and applications around the world.

In recent years, Hino has also been investing heavily in developing electric and hybrid trucks, as part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. The company has already introduced a number of electric and hybrid trucks in markets like Japan and Europe, and is expected to continue expanding its offerings in this area.


Tata Motors has a strong presence in the Indian truck market, with a market share of 51% in fiscal year 2021 and a market share of 57% in the entire truck segment according to Truck Junction. The company's trucks are known for their reliability, durability, and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice among trucking companies and fleet operators.

Some of the popular truck models offered by Tata Motors include the Tata Ultra, Tata Prima, Tata Signa, and Tata Ace. These trucks are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Indian market, from transporting goods in urban areas to long-haul transportation on highways.

Other Countries

Iveco is a global truck brand that is part of CNH Industrial, a heavy machinery and equipment manufacturer based in Italy. Iveco produces a wide range of trucks, including light commercial vehicles, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and specialty vehicles.

Iveco's focus on innovation, sustainability, and advanced technologies has helped it establish itself as a leading global truck brand, with a strong presence in key markets around the world.

Pickup Trucks (Light-duty Trucks)

Pickup trucks have become an integral part of American car culture, representing the values of hard work, individualism, and versatility that are deeply rooted in American society.

Pickup trucks are designed to carry heavy loads, tow trailers, and navigate challenging terrain, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks, from construction and farming to outdoor recreation and daily commuting.

The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for over 40 consecutive years, a remarkable achievement that speaks to the popularity and enduring appeal of this iconic pickup truck. However, despite the emergence of new competitors in the market, Ford, GM, and Ram continue to dominate the segment and remain at the top of the heap.

Today's pickup trucks are equipped with a range of features and technologies that rival those found in luxury cars, making them an attractive option for a wider range of buyers.

Here are the 10 most popular pickups for 2022:

  • 1
    653,957 UnitsFord F-SeriesStarting at: $31,520
  • 2
    523,249 UnitsChevrolet SilveradoStarting at: $34,600
  • 3
    468,344 UnitsRam PickupsStarting at: $37,090
  • 4
    241,522 UnitsGMC SierraStarting at: $35,400
  • 5
    237,323 UnitsToyota TacomaStarting at: $27,150
  • 6
    104,246 UnitsToyota TundraStarting at: $35,950
  • 7
    89,197 UnitsChevrolet ColoradoStarting at: $26,135
  • 8
    77,855 UnitsJeep GladiatorStarting at: $37,170
  • 9
    76,183 UnitsNissan FrontierStarting at: $28,690
  • 10
    74,370 UnitsFord MaverickStarting at: $20,995

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