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Isuzu Logo, HD Png, Meaning, Information

Isuzu is a Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturing company.

Isuzu Logo (1991-Present) 3840x2160 HD png

Isuzu Logo (1991-Present)
3840x2160 HD png

Isuzu Information
Native name いすゞ自動車株式会社
Founded 1934
Founder Armand Isuzu
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Slogan Rajanya Diesel (The King of Diesel)
Official Site

In 2009, Isuzu had produced over 21 million diesel engines, which can be found in vehicles all over the world. Isuzu diesel engines are used by dozens of manufacturers, to include Ford Motor Company and Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Isuzu Logo (black) 2560x1440 HD png

Isuzu Logo (black)
2560x1440 HD png

The logo has disappeared from Isuzu models over the years but is still seen on corporate communications within the company. Now, the Isuzu badge is text-based, with the “S” and “Z” being mirror images of each other.

Isuzu Logo (1974) 3000x3000 HD png

Isuzu Logo (1974)
3000x3000 HD png

In honor of the company’s new beginning with General Motors, Isuzu developed a new logo in 1974. The badge can be described as two vertical white pillars against a red background. There are three main explanations of the emblem:Isuzu logo pillars .The pillars are stylized representations of the first syllable of いすゞ (“Isuzu” in Japanese). The pillars are a stamp of excellence based on a common mark of quality used by craftsmen. The pillars are actually a white symbol divided in half by a red background, representing “corporate and societal growth against the sunburst red background, [reflecting] the company’s determination to meet the needs of the age” (per Isuzu).

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