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The 8 Best Free Offline Car Racing Games of 2022

The Asphalt racing games remain without a doubt some of the most played offline automobile games.

Best Free Offline Car Racing Games

With the inclusion of internet scoreboards, multiplayer races, and sometimes even persistent open areas for gamers, one of the biggest improvements in free car racing video games is the ability for players to travel around in virtual cars. These fascinating qualities cost money. though, as their implementation necessitates that the games be active at all times online.

On smartphones, tablets, desktops, gaming consoles, and other mobile devices, thankfully, still there are a number of excellent offline racing games worth playing on CrazyGames. Here are 8 good free offline games to download right now.

8Hill Climbing Racing 2

Hill Climbing Racing 2

The best kid's offline racing game

What We Enjoy

• This is appropriate for young gamers thanks to its adorable art design.

• Controls are incredibly simple to use and learn.

Things We Dislike

• several unwelcome pop-up messages when using the menu while offline.

• Some backgrounds are perhaps a bit too simple.

For Windows 10 devices, this racing game is indeed a free-to-play racing game that can primarily be played offline. Its hand-drawn graphics and basic controls make it a fantastic game for players of all ages and ability levels, though there's too much in the learning curve in keeping more experienced people playing and coming back for more.

Download For: Windows Devices

7CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing

Advanced drivers' racing game

What We Enjoy

• This offline vehicle racing game stands out thanks to a heavy drifting emphasis.

• High-quality, pleasant music with a cool production.

Things We Dislike

• This video game will be challenging or annoying to many casual players.

• At first, it can be challenging to navigate the main menu.

The realistic visual aesthetic of CarX Drift Racing is similar to that of the Asphalt & Forza auto racing games, but it distinguishes itself with a difficult driving style that combines slick roads and frequently requires drifting to cross the finish line.

Download For: iOS, Android

6Great Race - Route 66

Great Race - Route 66

The best racing simulator for kids

What We Enjoy

• The controls are relatively simple to learn.

• Playing allows you to learn about actual places.

Things We Dislike

• The gameplay can become a little monotonous.

• In comparison to other games, the graphics are relatively basic.

A pretty simple vehicle game racing called Great Race- 66 takes players along the actual Route 66 of the United States Route. There are 15 iconic automobiles to unlock, and you can drive them with quick swiping to the left or right.

Although Great Race appears to have a fairly straightforward design, it actually places a lot of emphasis on realism thanks to a changing day/night cycle in real-time and a wide range of authentic destinations that may be unlocked.

Download For: iOS

5Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels: Race Off

Best retro racing game

What We Enjoy

• Races for one person can be played totally offline.

• The automobiles have weight, and the controls are responsive.

Things We Dislike

• Some players might need some time to adjust to the slower speed.

Both in terms of gameplay and visual quality, the Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is the great offline auto racing game available. The races can all be played offline, but those who can access the internet also will benefit from Xbox internet connectivity through Xbox Achievements & their friend's lists on their Xbox.

The popular Hot Wheels toy cars serve as the inspiration for Hot Wheels Race Off. In contrast to so many other racing car video games, Hot Wheels Race Off puts a stronger emphasis on stunts and exact timing to not only overcome opponents but also finish each race unharmed.

4Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

The sport with the best visuals

What We Enjoy

• On capable Windows 10 machines, fantastic graphics featuring 4K resolution are accessible.

• Choose from more than 60 vehicles.

Things We Dislike

• Only six courses are available for racing.

• Future upgrades are doubtful because the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the popular Forza Motorsport as well as Forza Horizon games have now been released.

Owners of Windows 10 PCs and tablets can download the free-to-play Forza Motorsport 6: In the version of Apex of the Xbox One game. Up to 60 vehicles are available for driving in Apex, which also has six racetracks out from the main game and the outstanding graphics engine that elevates video games in Forza atop their competitors. editors.

Download For: Windows Devices

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3Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer

Easiest offline racing game

What We Enjoy

• Upgradable vehicles and 5 different game modes keep things exciting.

• Younger gamers love it because of the simple controls.

Things We Dislike

• The surroundings are a little monotonous to look at.

• No real racetracks exist.

Similar to an infinite runner video game however with cars, Traffic Racer. The players may choose from 30 and up automobiles for them to drive on a freeway and then must avoid other traffic by tilting their Android smartphone or a tablet or sliding right or left to the screen.

This offline racing game gives off the impression of being quite simple, but it does provide several options for customizing cars as well as several upgrading options that motivate players to continue racing.

Download For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

2Hovercraft: Takedown

Hovercraft: Takedown

Most fashionable racer

What We Enjoy

• Apple TVs may use the iOS version as well.

• encourages young players' ingenuity.

Things We Dislike

• For rare hovercrafts, in-app purchases cost anything from $0.99 to $19.99.

• It might annoy you how many adverts there are.

In the entertaining free-to-play racing game Hovercraft: Takedown, users may design their own hovercraft to utilize while competing. Vehicles' colors, shapes, and even the kind of weapons they fire can all be altered.

Although much of the content in Hovercraft: Takedown may be accessed without Wi-Fi, multiplayer games in this genre require an Internet connection.

Download For: iOS, Android

1Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Free racing game that is most played

What We Enjoy

• For such free racing game, there is a lot of material.

• Each race track is in a good diversity of locales.

Things We Dislike

• There is advertising in Asphalt 8: Airborne that younger players might tap on by accident.

• Not all players may like the art in a realistic approach.

On iOS, Android, & Windows devices, the Asphalt racing games remain without a doubt some of the most played offline automobile games. With the 220 and more vehicles & bikes and the choice to play totally offline, Asphalt 8: Airborne is among the best games in the series.

Although the Asphalt 8 has an online multiplayer option, the mode of single-career can be played without a Wi-Fi connection in its entirety.

Download For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

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