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Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Cars in The World (2022)

In 2022, Tesla Model Y topped the list of global annual sales of electric vehicles for the first time, selling 786,000 units.

Best-Selling Electric Cars in The World (2022): Tesla Model Y

Global electric vehicle sales have grown by leaps and bounds in the past five years, increasing from 2 million in 2018 to more than 10 million in 2022, with market share rising from 2.5 percent to 14 percent; the EV percentage in the overall car market is increasing, particularly in China and some European countries.

The global electric vehicle market set a series of sales records in the final months of 2022, especially December, when more than 1.2 million vehicles were sold worldwide, helping full-year sales cross the 10 million thresholds for the first time; the pure electric vehicles (up 57% YoY) grew faster than plug-in hybrids (up 46% YoY), accounting for 72% of all EVs sold.

In 2022, the Tesla Model Y overtook its sibling, the Model 3, to take the top spot with 786,000 units sold. This marks the first time the Model Y has taken the world's best-selling electric vehicle title. In addition, it also ranks among the top five best-selling cars in the world, ranking fourth. Such aggressive sales of the Model Y make one wonder whether it will overtake Toyota's Corolla and become the world's best-selling car by this year.

Second place was just as surprising, with the BYD Song (including BEVs and PHEVs) beating Tesla's Model 3 by a narrow margin (758 units). Notably, the Model 3 not only lost ground to the BYD Song but also lost market share, from 14% in 2019 to 4.7%.

Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Cars in The World
(Global Sales by 2022)

Rank Model Units Sold
#1 Tesla Model YTesla Model YCompact SUV 786,000BEV
#2 BYD SongBYD SongCompact SUV 477,094BEV+PHEV
#3 Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3Compact car 596,000BEV
#4 Wuling Hongguang Mini EVWuling Hongguang Mini EVSmall/city car 424,031BEV
#5 BYD Qin PlusBYD Qin PlusCompact sedan 315,216BEV+PHEV
#6 BYD HanBYD HanMid-size sedan 237,323BEV+PHEV
#7 BYD DolphinBYD DolphinSubcompact hatchback 205,238BEV
#8 BYD YuanBYD Yuan Plus/Atto 3Compact SUV 201,744BEV
#9 Volkswagen ID.4Volkswagen ID.4Compact SUV 174,092BEV
#10 BYD TangBYD TangCompact SUV 151,141BEV+PHEV

The Wuling Hongguang MINI EV dropped out of the top three in 2022 (it has yet to achieve its goal of beating Model 3 in an annual race). After two years of rapid sales growth, the small electric car is a weak market contender, ranking fourth in its segment.

It's worth noting that nine of the TOP 20 best-selling EVs for 2022 are newcomers to the list, which demonstrates that the current EV market is very volatile and diverse.

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