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These 11 Fastest Electric Supercars Are Crazy: Check Them Out

We all love fast cars, but these electric supercars really take the cake.

Fastest Electric Supercars

While there are clear hierarchies in the world of sports and supercars, electric models have a Wild West feel. A variety of companies are making bold claims about million-pound, all-electric hypercars with 2,000PS, 0-62mph in under two seconds, and range to take you to the moon and back.

If you're searching for some of the fastest, coolest, and most expensive electric cars to ever exist, then this is the right place for you. These electric supercars are about to lead you to the future of driving.

Here are the 11 fastest electric supercars on the market today. So, go ahead and enjoy.



Top Speed: 195 mph

NIO EP9 is a fully electric supercar that was built by the Chinese automaker NIO. It has a top speed of 195 mph, which makes it one of the fastest cars in the world. The EP9 has two electric motors and two gearboxes, one for each axle. The car uses 800-volt technology to accelerate from 0-124 mph in 7.1 seconds and 0-186 mph in 15.9 seconds.

The EP9 beat the record for fastest laps by an electric vehicle at Circuit of the Americas, Shanghai International Circuit, and Circuit Paul Ricard. It also beat the record for fastest laps by an autonomous vehicle at Circuit of the Americas.

10Karma SC2

Karma SC2

Top Speed: ~200 mph

Combining emerging technology with an emotional architecture is what makes the Karma SC2 an outstanding and notorious electric car. Featuring long-range radars, a contextual touch interface, multi-hinged scissor doors, and powerful components, it is safe to say that this car is interesting in many aspects. It can go from 0 to 60mph in 1.8 seconds, making it a fairly competitive vehicle that could surprise many individuals when it releases.

9Dendrobium D-1

Dendrobium D-1

Top Speed: 200+ mph

This is the first electric vehicle from Dendrobium Automotive that will be developed and built in the UK. Using solid-state batteries and unique cabling and connector systems, this car features unique ADAS hardware with a nice touch of British engineering. It features a top speed of 200mph and it can go from 0 to 60mph in 2.7 seconds, more than enough for a vehicle of its caliber which comes in a mixture of carbon fiber and advanced composites with alloys.

8Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid

Top Speed: 216 mph

One of Tesla's most unique vehicles is the Tesla Model S Plaid which features top engineering and an all-electric foundation that provides both performance and style. It can go from 0 to 60mph in just 1.99s and it has a top speed of 200mph, more than enough for an electric vehicle. Designed for efficiency, it is a durable car that features improved aerodynamics, a wider chassis, and an enhanced battery over its Model S counterpart. Finally, it has an immersive interior with a multi-device presentation that has an immersive sound and more than enough room for everything.

7Lotus Evija

Lotus Evija

Top Speed: ~200 mph

This all-electric car is one of Lotus' most powerful cars ever as it has an excellent combination of performance and top technology that boost a four-wheel torque vectoring with advanced stability controls and a digital cockpit that was designed to provide the driver with all required information. It features a top speed of 215 mph and 4 powerful electric motors to provide enough power to all components. It can go from 0 to 186mph in just 9 seconds, making it an ideal car for those interested in acquiring one of the fastest electric cars when it releases.

6Drako GTE

Drako GTE

Top Speed: 206 mph

This full-size luxury sedan is based on the Karma Revero GT model as it has adopted the characteristic proportions of its body. Released back in 2020, it has a production line of just 25 units, and each unit has a unique price of $1.1 million, making it one of the most expensive electric vehicles on the market. Featuring four electric motors that deliver a maximum speed of 206mph, this car has more than enough quality components to satisfy individuals who are switching their gas vehicles to electric models.

5Genovation GXE

Genovation GXE

Top Speed: 211.8 mph

Featuring a race-inspired aluminum frame and an all-electric composition with a unique design and an outstanding performance, the Genovation GXE is one of the cars to watch in 2022. It has a top speed of 220mph and an aerodynamic body that pushes the components to their utmost limits. Inspired by Corvette's design and capacities, this car has a single motor that provides more than enough power for maximum performance.

The interior features a large customized touch screen that provides more than enough information for all kinds of situations, it is truly a gem that could perform better than many other electric cars in 2022.

4Pininfarina Battista

Pininfarina Battista

Top Speed: 217 mph

An electric sports car that is directly manufactured by Automobili Pininfarina, a brand that is located in Munich that has roots in Italian design. Powered by a 120 Kw/h battery pack, this car has four individual motors and a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis with most of the body panels being made of the same materials. The whole interior is upholstered in premium leather and it features two large screens that display vital data to the driver at all moments.

When it comes to performance, this car goes from 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds, making it a truly unique and capable electric vehicle. With a top speed of 250mph and with a limit of 150 units, the Battista will be one of the many surprises in the all-electric market of 2022.

3Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl

Top Speed: 249 mph

It is an electric battery-powered sports car that is manufactured by the Japanese engineering firm called Aspark, It has a production run of just 50 vehicles, meaning that it will have a costly price point not only for its small quantity but for its unique performance that focuses on acceleration. Featuring a carbon fiber bodywork and chassis, it weighs 265 lb and has a premium design that puts it above many other sports cars.

What truly shines is its acceleration as it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.69 seconds and from 0 to 186 mph in just 11 seconds. Considering its top speed of 249mph this car is one of the many wonders that could take the crown of the fastest electric car on the market.

2Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Top Speed: 250+ mph

The Roadster is another all-electric car that is known for being labeled as "one of the quickest cars in the world with record-setting performance" thanks to its top speed of 250mph and the capacity of going from 0 to 60mph in just 1.9 seconds. It features 4 seatings and a design that focuses on performance and aero efficiency.

It also has an ergonomic interior with a glass roof that can be removed for an open-air and convertible experience. It is a stylish vehicle that will cover the needs of many individuals and lucky owners who manage to get one of these in their hands.

1Rimac Nevera

Rimac Nevera

Top Speed: 258 mph

It is an all-electric sports car that was created by Rimac Automobili in an attempt to introduce more unique electrical vehicles to the market. Its production is limited to only 150 vehicles and it will be open to customers in 2022. Due to the unique materials and production process, one Nevera is roughly manufactured every week, and is not a surprise, considering how special this car is when compared to other similar approaches.

It can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 1.90 seconds and from 0 to 100mph in roughly 4.5 seconds, making it an extremely fast electric vehicle that surpasses many barriers thanks to its top speed of 256mph. Featuring new designs, butterfly doors, and fast-charging capacities, this vehicle is truly one of the fastest electric cars.

The Bottom Line

Electric cars offer many advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles: they're cheaper to operate and maintain, emit no harmful gases into the environment, and instantly deliver torque upon acceleration. With these advantages, it's no wonder that electric vehicles have quickly become some of the fastest cars on the planet.

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