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10 Longest-Range Electric Cars You Can Buy Today (2022)

The Lucid Air has the longest range of any electric vehicle on the market—up to 520 miles.

Longest-Range Electric Cars You Can Buy Today

As electric cars become more commonplace, buyers are finding that range anxiety isn't as much of a concern. Not only have many EV models increased their range in recent years; the Tesla Model S crossed 400 miles in EPA testing in 2020; several other production EVs now have top ranges exceeding 300 miles.

Ready to buy electric cars? The EVs range game is heating up for 2022, with nothing dipping below the 300-mile mark. All range ratings were sourced from the EPA, except for the GMC Hummer EV, which is not yet rated.

Here are the top 10 longest-range electric cars on the market today:

12022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R all-wheel drive

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R all-wheel drive

Starting Price: $169,000 | Range: 520 miles

At the top of the list is California-based EV startup Lucid Motors. It not only supplies battery packs for every team in Formula E, but it also made a big splash last year by releasing its top-spec Air model—which boasts the highest EPA-estimated range of any electric car sold today.

The Lucid Air has dethroned the Tesla Model S as the longest-range electric car on sale, at least for now. The longest-range Air, a 520-mile Dream Edition R with AWD and 19-inch wheels, reigns supreme over every other currently available EV — even the high-performance Dream P with 21-inch wheels manages 451 miles of range.

22022 Tesla Model S Dual-Motor AWD

2022 Tesla Model S Dual-Motor AWD

Starting price: $99,990 | Range: 405 miles

When it first hit the market in 2012, the Model S changed people’s perception of what an electric car is capable of. With sharp handling and acceleration that rivals some of the world’s fastest sports cars, a Model S is no golf cart.

The Tesla Model S is also the company's best vehicle for long-distance driving, especially when you consider there are thousands of 250 kW Superchargers across the U.S. The standard Model S still has it beat on the range, though, with up to 405 miles of range—provided you get the smaller 19-inch wheels.

And if you're looking for speed? Well, there's a 155 mph top speed and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds on offer. For even more performance, you can opt for the Model S Plaid, which has a 1.99 second 0-60 time and a 200 mph top speed—but only 396 miles of range. Not a huge difference, but every mile does count!

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32022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual-Motor AWD

2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual-Motor AWD

Starting price: $55,990 | Range: 358 miles

While the Tesla Model 3 is the smallest, most affordable vehicle in Tesla’s lineup, it doesn't compromise on the range. The Long Range version delivers 353 miles of range, which is more than enough for most commutes.

The Long Range version has a top speed of 145 mph, a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds, and access to Superchargers that can restore up to 175 miles of range after just 15 minutes. It also comes with Autopilot as standard, and you can purchase full self-driving for $12,000 as an optional extra.

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42022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+

Starting price: $102,310 | Range: 350 miles

While Mercedes-Benz unveiled the first all-electric car in early 2019, the EQS is arguably the splashiest to date. The EQS is essentially an electric version of its flagship S-Class, with some of the same tech found in that car, including a giant touchscreen known as the Hyperscreen.

The single-motor EQS 450+ is rated for 350 miles, more than any other legacy manufacturer has achieved in EPA testing, while the more powerful EQS 580 is close behind at 340 miles.

52022 Tesla Model X Dual-Motor AWD

2022 Tesla Model X Dual-Motor AWD

Starting price: $114,990 | Range: 348 miles

The Model X, Tesla’s first SUV, is roomy and futuristic. Though it hasn’t undergone any huge design changes since its inception, the Model X still catches the eye of other drivers with its Falcon Wing doors.

It can travel up to 348 miles on a single charge, and when you need to recharge, the Supercharger network will get you back on the road in no time—in just 15 minutes, your Model X can regain 175 miles of range. It also has many other impressive features: 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, up to seven adults, and 91 cubic feet of storage space.

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62022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual-Motor AWD

2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual-Motor AWD

Starting Price: $62,990 | Range: 330 miles

The Model Y is Tesla's answer to the SUV segment. The company had previously sold an electric crossover called the Model X, but its newest offering is a more affordable alternative to the pricier Model X. As with most of Tesla's vehicles, the Model Y offers quick steering reflexes and enough power to pin you into your seat under hard acceleration.

While the Model Y's standard model was canceled due to its comparatively short range, the Long Range Model Y is a great choice, pushing out 330 miles on a single charge and offering Supercharger access.

It has the same Autopilot and Full Self Driving capability as its bigger brother, and you can charge it up at a Supercharger for 162 miles within 15 minutes. The Model Y is quicker than the Model X, with a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, and it comes with 76 cubic feet of storage space.

72022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1

Starting Price: $110,295 | Range: 329 miles

GMC's new EV SUT, an electric super truck with off-road capabilities like a Jeep Wrangler, acceleration like a Porsche, and the capability to crab walk, might not get an official EPA rating because it weighs 9,000 lbs. However, GMC estimates that the truck can travel 329 miles on one charge.

Backed by GM's 212.7-kWh Ultium battery, the Edition 1 pickup has all-wheel drive and a three-motor configuration that generates 1000 horsepower. The Hummer EV's range beats other EPA-rated EV pickups, including Rivian's R1T, as well as Ford's upcoming F-150 Lightning.

82022 BMW iX xDrive50

2022 BMW iX xDrive50

Starting Price: $83,200 | Range 324 miles

BMW’s first all-electric SUV, the iX, is a respectable choice for drivers who want an SUV with a maximum range of 324 miles.

The BMW iX xDrive50 comes with a pair of electric motors that combine to produce 516 horsepower. Its range varies based on wheel size, with the standard 20-inch wheels rated at an EPA-estimated 324 miles.

92022 Ford F-150 Lightning

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Starting Price: $72,500 | Range 320 Miles

The F-150 Lightning, Ford’s all-electric performance truck, offers more range than expected. The Extended Range battery pack, available on the XLT and Lariat trims, provides 320 miles of range. We’ve been impressed with how much the Lightning feels like a traditional F-150, though it will cost you a premium to get an all-electric version of Ford’s popular pickup truck.

102022 Rivian R1S

2022 Rivian R1S

Starting Price: $67,500 | Range: 314 Miles

The Rivian R1S, a fully electric SUV, has the same all-wheel drive powertrain as the R1T, a pickup. Unlike the pickup, however, the SUV has an extra two miles of range despite its lower combined MPGe compared to its sibling. The EPA has only rated one range for the R1S, though it’s likely that the choice of all-terrain tires and multiple wheel sizes and styles will impact the overall range.

Its off-road demeanor and long range make it a viable alternative to other fully electric SUVs, such as the Audi e-Tron.

The Bottom Line

When you’re trying to decide which electric car is right for you, one of the most important factors is its range. However, your range may vary depending on several factors, including weather, where you drive, driving style, and how many passengers are in your car.

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