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SEMA 2022 – New All-Season Tires at the International Tuning Exhibition

All-season tires are ideal for drivers who want to avoid seasonal tire changes.

New All-Season Tires

Masterful automotive industry representatives are making thorough preparations for the first week of November as one of the greatest car tunings and accessories exhibitions is coming to Los Angeles. It is aimed at professionals who will learn about the innovations and appearance of flagships from reports. In addition, attendees can buy all-season tires with new modifications, as some brands have presented high-tech models.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV

All-season tires for electric vehicles and hybrid cars from the Indian manufacturer Apollo will be on sale from the end of 2022.

They are designed for extreme weather conditions in troubled regions, focusing on an increased grip on snow, ice, and slush.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV

A special rubber compound with the use of fourth-generation polymers and silicon dioxide helps stabilize the stroke with the low engine capacity. The main advantages include the following:

The tires have a “snowflake” and “three-point mountain” marking, resulting in adaptation to strong frost and decent traction efforts on snow. In addition, it is a symbol of passing an international test on meeting the requirements.

Vezda Touring 4S KR211

The brand Kenda presented tires of increased safety for exploitation on crossovers and family autos (sedans, coupes, minivans). The model will enter the market in spring 2023 in 45 type sizes, spreading wide. The manufacturer focuses on the following points:

An asymmetric surface and a new design for placing lamellas will provide an increased roughness in the contact sport, fast water drainage, and a predictable reaction to commands.

Hercules TIS TT1

Hercules TIS TT1

A new design belongs to both Hercules Tire and Rubber Company. They created all-season mud tires for lovers of aggressive and off-road driving. To achieve a decent grip on any type of surface (silt, stones, soil), they used a maximum width of grooves and depth of the protector.

The manufacturer emphasizes that a special feature of the model is also its original aggressive design, which would help individualize the appearance of a buggy or crossover. The market would acquire models with a 26-inch bore diameter.

Overland RTX

The American brand Greenball cares about the owners of off-road vehicles, jeeps, and pickups. All-terrain vehicles need to have the same solid grip, traction, and handling on a plain asphalt road and for off-roading. Now there are universal tires, including one for racing and amateur automotive sport.

The new model is 20- and 22-inch in size, created with anti-wear additives, and a unique acute-angled shape of the protector provides a great arrangement. The manufacturer is planning to further expand the size range in the future.

Milestar Patagonia A/T Pro

The brand Tireco Milestar presented new tires called “all-season and all-weather at the same time.” The company tried to literally create universal tires for a wide range of automobiles, so it already has 63 type sizes. In addition, there is a range of special characteristics:

The model will come out for sale this year. The owners of electric vehicles and hybrid cars can also enjoy the model advantages.

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