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10 Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid, and Why?

If you're an American-made sports car enthusiast, I'm sorry for the next several minutes of your life.

Worst Corvettes You Should AvoidPHOTO CREDIT:

Next to Mustangs and Camaros, there's not much more American than Corvettes. They're the quintessential American sports car, and they have an incredibly passionate following — myself included. But there are plenty of them that are just plain bad cars. I don't mean they're ugly — although some of them are. I mean they perform poorly and/or aren't well built (usually both).

How does one define the worst Corvettes? This can be an extremely subjective topic, as most Corvette enthusiasts would have a different opinion. So it is really hard to make a list of the top cars. That said, there are certainly some models that stick out as extremely questionable from both a performance and styling perspective: specifically 1987 and 1983 models.

Whether you hate these car or you're just looking for a car to buy, here is my short review of the worst Corvettes. Here's 10 of the worst Corvettes you should never buy.

101977 Corvette C3

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 10. 1977 Corvette C3

There was a labor dispute the year, which slowed down activities and production. The disputes had occurred the year before launching.

Reasons to avoid it

The model was not changed much in development, apart from luggage and roof racks. Other modifications were underway but unfortunately canceled, leaving it among the worst corvettes. The cancellation was made due to a dispute with the manufacturers. This attributed to less engine horsepower and limited speed.

Chevy has invested in ideas and designs that put Chevrolet at the front. You can overlook the worst corvettes because most are high-performing and have the high horsepower. The sleek designs crown all of Chevy’s efforts and hard work.

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91982 Corvette Collector Edition

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 9. 1982 Corvette Collector Edition

The modeling of this vehicle took 15 years, in which all the fans it had garnered lost interest. To strike interest from people, Chevy thought of a need for modifications to increase its output.

Reasons to avoid it

There was a decision to test run the model, taking on GM’s cross-fire injection. This discontinued the manually transmitted options. This led to a reduction of horsepower to 200mph and a v8 of 5.7 liters.

81995 Corvette Pace Car

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 8. 1995 Corvette Pace CarPHOTO CREDIT:

This model was a great achievement for Chevy again because it was available for consumers. It was named the official pace car for the 1995 Indiana polis.

Reasons to avoid it

Their mechanical design and power weren’t such a letdown but were not very attractive. The color schemes include two-tone purples or black and red stripping. The avant-garde is not stable in attraction. Sometimes it is highly coveted, and other times it is not.

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71953 Corvette C1

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 7. 1953 Corvette C1

This was the first corvette to get introduced. They main intention for this model was to allure service members returning from World War II who had come into contact with Europe’s sports cars.

Reasons to avoid it

There were issues with production because no company had put that many parts together. The engine power was also a challenge. The car was made among the worst corvettes because of mechanical challenges. The riding was of poor quality for the sports car standards. It only had 150 horsepower. This left consumers with an urge for more speed.

61975 Corvette Base Model

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 6. 1975 Corvette Base Model

During the year this model was made, the US government enacted legislation to ban open cars. This was the last year Chevrolet made a car that acted dually as a convertible and coupe. This legislation was not implemented, leading to overnight changes in the model’s mechanical and structural designs.

Reasons to avoid it

To fit emissions requirements, there was a downgrading on the engine’s horsepower. The downgrading was significantly from 270 to 165 horsepower. This model was heavier in 1975 and took 7.7 seconds to gear up to 60 mph. You cannot help the worst corvettes when they are slow.

51979 L48 Corvette

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 5. 1979 L48 Corvette

This corvette model makes the top worst corvettes, according to records. However, it made it to high sales of 53,807. This made it the best-selling corvettes, despite some limitations.

Reasons to avoid it

Its horsepower was limited to 195, and this vehicle seemed too slow. This model was also considered overly decorated with plastics which, to some, made it very unattractive. This, however, depends on your taste, but the interiors are monochrome. This includes the dashboard and the panels.

41980 California 305 Corvette

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 4. 1980 California 305 Corvette

This year was not productive for the automotive industry. In California, there were tightly implemented regulations on vehicle emission requirements. This made the 1980 corvette to be badly affected.

Reasons to avoid it

Following the regulations, it required certifications. One of the limitations was the 5.7l/350 cubic inch engine requirement. This limited its speed, and one would not have any other option than to take this, among the worst corvettes.

31984 Corvette C4

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 3. 1984 Corvette C4

This 1984 C1 did not measure up or meet the expectations of fancy car lovers. When this model was being publicized, too much hype raised expectations. Many were left disappointed, especially after purchasing. This car is bought at a low price, among other classic sports cars.

Reasons to avoid it

Critics dismissed the car’s body lines, with harsh critics implying the design to be ugly. Though this car is meant for races, it did not meet up to the best driving experience. This model would require repairs frequently and require a lot of time, making it among the worst corvettes.

21958 Corvette C1

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 2. 1958 Corvette C1

Harley Earl was in his final months managing the design department. 1958 corvette was to be decorated alongside his stylist. It is believed that there were unnecessary additions.

Reasons to avoid it

There are fake louvers and unnecessary chrome off this corvette. The succeeding GM, later on, removed them in the following year. This model has 4 headlights, set in the chrome frame. There were too many types of chrome that made the model look over-decorated.

11987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette

Worst Corvettes You Should Avoid: 1. 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo CorvettePHOTO CREDIT:

The twin-turbo is a model that looked great on paper. Some changes were made to this model at the Callaway headquarters. After the changes, the horsepower is 382 mph, worth the capability to attain 60 mph while at a top speed of 178 mph.

Reasons to avoid it

This car has incredible power, high speed, and general performance, and it was very fragile. The engine looks like it is breaking down the next minute, even if it operates under normal circumstances. This made the model unreliable, for it could not keep up with its performing power. The Callaway has an output that stresses all components of this car, making it among the worst corvettes. If you buy this car, you are doomed to failure.

The Bottom Line

There are good Corvettes and bad Corvettes. This list is about the latter. If you're considering purchasing a Corvette, be sure to avoid these models for the sake of your safety, vehicle's reliability, and your own personal satisfaction.

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