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The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass Models

Cutlass in the 1980s became a name in the automobile industry.

The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass ModelsPHOTO CREDIT: ANDREAS WENNEVOLD

The Oldsmobile Cutlass models were an intriguing addition to the automobile industry that got massive success as body-on-frame intermediate.

General Motors’ Oldsmobile division designed some astounding automobiles as a unibody compact car during the time frame of 1961 and 1999, and these designs were named be Oldsmobile Cutlass. This automobile got assembled in Lansing Car Assembly, Lancing, Michigan.

The history of General motors consists of the production of fighter jets, and even in World War 2, they sent their jets. However, they entered into the automobile production with the first-ever F-85 motor launch, named after the fighter jet North American F-86 Sabre. Thus, the Jet age began when their products were named after fighter jets.

The General Motors’ Oldsmobile division had three classes and the body type into which these motors can be divided:

Compact- between 1961 and 1963, the designs were comparatively smaller.

Midsize- between 1964-1981 and 1997-1999, the size of the car could be regarded as a normal size of the everyday cars.

Personal luxury car- between 1968-1988, they created some massive-sized cars with abundant features and luxurious amenities available in the car.

The Oldsmobile Cutlass, though, started at a trim level automobile production of the compact F-85. However, this took them to great heights. Further, the Cutlass owned a series of its fantastic variants, which includes the muscle cars as 4-4-2 muscle car in 1964, premium Cutlass Supreme in 1966, outright performance Hurst in 1968, along with the Vista Cruiser Station wagon.

Cutlass in the 1980s became a name in the automobile industry. With its cool and intriguing sound, Cutlass was now the label that was attached with every Oldsmobile automobile design, such as the Cutlass Calais compact, the midsize Cutlass Ciera, the Cutlass Cruiser station wagon, and the midsize Cutlass Supreme.

However, with the introduction of Ford lines, the Oldsmobile Cutlass models almost ended back in 1999, and they further ceased to exist in 2004 since the brand was no more profitable. But the super automobile models that Oldsmobile gave are needed to be replenished forever. Here are the few bests and the worst ever Oldsmobile Cutlass automobile models that one must know about.

The best Oldsmobile Cutlass models are:

11964 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2

The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass Models

A masterpiece muscle car that was available in mid-1964. As the name suggests, 4-4-2 accounts for the four-barrel carburetor, four-speed transmission, and dual exhaust. Who would not fantasize about a car with a giant bonnet and back with a sleek design? This package of features was only available with the 330vid V8 which was the biggest motor of that time.

Henceforth you can reckon the kind of attention it got, and it was all worth it. Apart from the prodigious 4-4-2 combination, there were other upgrades in its system to rustle up an engine that could push out 310 hp. What an amazing blast from the past this motor car seems!

442 being an extensively high-performance driven car, saw an unexpected success. Anyone should pick it up if they find it and consider yourself lucky for bagging this tremendous success of Oldsmobile Cutlass.

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21983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Hurst

The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass Models

This car is a luxury to behold. This automobile design belongs to the fourth generation of 83’ Cutlass. This model came up with a smaller size and the utmost G-body style.

In 1982, the cars mostly had the driving force towards the first wheel while the 83’ Supreme Hurst consisted of the rear-wheel drive. The motor was a 307-CID motor that was connected to the transmissions via a three-stick Hurst Lightning Rod Shifter.

This motor became an ideal choice for running in any kind of weather condition with the limited-slip rear end that provides much grip with the ground.

To celebrate the 15th glorious anniversary, the Hurst version came on board with a black color other than silver. The color of the car not only made it more desirable, but the combination of motor, tranny, and gear was put together to make it one of the most reliable cars to drive.

31991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais 442 W41

The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass Models

The Cutlass Calais, a 1991 model, is another best of the Oldsmobile Cutlass. With complimentary badges of 442 and W41, it was considered to be the special edition model of the compact 84’ launched Cutlass Calais.

It can be defined by a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine which is rated at 180 horsepower, unlike the earlier Cutlass Calais, which was rated at just 150 horsepower. However, it was much less as compared to the original 442, but still, a decent performance could be hailed from this model.

Some features sought out to be really good, which include the race-tuned suspension with a gearbox and some weight-saving measures. This provided very good speed to the car, and hence Oldsmobile Cutlass only built models that were good to go for the SCCA racing championship, and the number is calculated to be 204.

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The worst Oldsmobile Cutlass model:

11979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Diesel

The Best and Worst Oldsmobile Cutlass Models

It is known to be the worst car in the history of Oldsmobile Cutlass. The carelessness and the desire to overdo it made the 79’ Supreme Diesel model a disaster.

There were many points that led to this blunder. May it be an idea of Oldsmobile Cutlass to follow the lead of Mercedes and make this car diesel driven. Since diesel engines were leading the production horizons of the United States then.

This consequently led to the idea of Supreme Diesel. Along with this, the diesel engine could easily dodge the emission laws that were strictly followed. However, the idea of being great did not work out well. All this happened because the GM rushed the launch of this project before it was actually planned to be released.

Hence this eagerness led to major issues in the car, and the 4.3-liter diesel motor left the car underpowered. This led to the worst motor addition in Oldsmobile Cutlass, which ruined their identity in the 1970s, and this car hardly survived.

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