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Here Are 10 Compact Luxury Suvs That You Should Drive-In 2023

The compact luxury SUV is a popular segment, and we're rounding up some of the best models for you to consider in 2023.

Compact Luxury Suvs That You Should Drive-In 2023

Luxury SUVs are becoming more popular with car enthusiasts than ever before. Since the early 2000s, the market has been full of SUVs that used to belong to the truck market. These "crossovers" offered both practicality, style, and a higher seating position simultaneously.

Even though they are more expensive than regular sedans, compact luxury SUVs might be the best family vehicles. They combine spacious cabins and engaging driving dynamics in tight, easy-to-park packages.

Are you looking for a luxury SUV with a “compact” package? You don't have to search much further. Looking at some of the vehicles we've compiled in this list will help you find the ideal luxury SUV.

1Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln Corsair

From $38,690

Though Corsair uses the Ford Escape platform, it offers a thick veneer of premium materials, providing a luxurious feel at an affordable price. In addition, Corsair's road manners mimic those of its more expensive Lincoln siblings.

The Corsair's interior is as thoughtful as it is luxurious. The cabin has been designed to provide you with all the comforts of home and more, making this SUV a great choice for drivers who value comfort over driving thrills.

2Genesis GV70

Genesis GV70

From $42,900

Genesis is unique in its approach to luxury, offering a range of vehicles that emphasize posh design overpower. For example, the GV70, a new crossover SUV, makes a great choice for drivers who want something nicer than the competition at an affordable price.

It comes with a capable turbo-four engine and offers an impressive twin-turbo V6. Its ride is smooth, and its handling adept, as are the materials inside, which include top-shelf items. But, of course, there are plenty of easy-to-use standard features, too.

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3Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60

From $43,450

The XC60 is a luxury SUV that combines purposeful engineering and elegant design with Scandinavian style. It has three efficient and powerful four-cylinder engines available.

Volvo's XC60 offers many standard safety and driver assistance features, including lane-keeping assist and automated emergency braking. In addition to the plethora of tech and safety features, the XC60's interior includes rich materials that create a stylish atmosphere.

4Lexus RX

Lexus RX

From $45,920

The new Lexus RX offers sharper, new styling and a wide-mouthed grille similar to the redesigned LS sedan. The RX also offers a quartet of powertrains (including a new hybrid model), and although it's generally more attractive than its predecessor, we like the previous model's "spindle" headlights better. In addition, all models now have the L-shaped running lights that debuted on the redesigned LS.

The new Lexus RX offers deluxe interior accommodations, including the latest tech features and a large infotainment touchscreen. In addition, it offers two rows of seating and is spacious and rich looking. Lexus also adds upscale features like open-pore wood trim and ambient lighting.

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5Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

From $46,575

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is more than just a pretty face. The compact luxury SUV has zesty engine options and an 8-speed automatic transmission standard. Even the base model offers a luxurious interior and a comfortable driving position.

The sportier variants of the Stelvio get carbon-fiber trim, but you can also choose wood inlays for a more luxurious look. In addition, the Stelvio offers handsome leather upholstery and aluminum accents on the center console, doors, and dash.

6Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar F Pace

From $52,400

The F Pace is a practical and fun-to-drive luxury car. It has a gorgeous exterior design and a cabin that looks like it belongs in an expensive sports car. The F Pace's design cues are inspired by the F Type sports car, which is made by Jaguar's sister company, Jaguar Land Rover.

The F Pace's minimalist design is similar to that of other Jaguar cars, such as the XE and XJ. However, it features many duo types of leather and leather surfaces with eye-catching decorations. For example, you can customize your F Pace with diamond quilting and seat perforation.

7Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

From $52,500

Unlike other coupes, the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe has an SUV-like roofline that impacts cargo space and headroom. But it offers an upscale cabin with exclusive standard features.

The GLC cabin provides many European flairs, including a center stack that curves gracefully into the console. The Mercedes-Benz also offers a floating touchscreen and wireless charger to help give the cabin a modern feel. In addition, the car comes with many tech options and upgrades, including an upgraded Burmester audio system and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.

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From $53,400

If you like the X3 but want something a bit more stylish, you should look at its sleeker sibling, the X4. While it has some of the practicality of an SUV and a bit of SUV style itself, it's also got a sleeker design that's more appealing than the boxy compacts in this class.

The X4 offers plenty of modern comforts like plush seats, a stylish floating touchscreen, and other features that make the cabin chic and premium. BMW also offers a number of standard driving technology and safety features in the X4.

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9Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

From $57,500

The Macan is a compact Porsche SUV that offers more cargo space and passenger seating than its sports car counterparts. In addition, all engines for the Macan help the driver enjoy a sporty driving experience that will make any car enthusiast smile.

The Macan's interior is enhanced with a redesigned center console with responsive haptic touch elements. The Macan also comes standard with Porsche's legendary analog clock on the dashboard. In addition, you can order Macans with deviated stitching in chalk, gentian blue, or papaya.

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10Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Land Rover Range Rover Velar

From $60,300

Range Rover's lineup has gotten more stylish over the years. The Velar's arrival in 2018 helped push the brand's design further than ever before, and it seems likely that its siblings will adopt most of its modern styling cues in the coming years.

The Velar's interior is striking. It features large, angular forms and high-quality materials. Owners can choose from multiple customization options, allowing them to design specific details for the cabin.

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