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11 Cool Hybrid Cars We're Excited To See In 2023

You read that right — in 2023, you will see some of the best hybrid cars the market has ever seen!

Cool Hybrid Cars We're Excited To See In 2023

Popularized by Toyota and Honda so many years ago, hybrid cars have become more and more mainstream in recent years, with even non-Japanese manufacturers building their own hybrid models. As gas prices rise and the desire for fuel-efficient vehicles also rises, hybrid vehicles will be hitting the car market in full force in the upcoming years.

Hybrid cars are primarily designed to balance fuel efficiency with performance. Whether it's the concept BMW XM or the Ford Mustang S650 released at the Detroit Motor Show on September 14, hybrid cars are adding novel tech and fresh ideas to keep you on the cutting edge of automotive design.

A new year is coming soon! Here, we've selected 10 cool hybrid cars we're eager to see in production sometime in 2023:

1Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue

The Ferrari Purosangue will be the Italian company's first-ever SUV. The model is set to go into production soon, with Ferrari teasing the motoring community with the fact that it will have a V12 engine. While the V12 will most likely be the top-specification model, Ferrari will undoubtedly have a 'lesser' version in the form of a hybrid.

This hybrid vehicle may utilize a new 3.0-liter twin-turbo hybrid V6 engine found in the Ferrari 296 GTB, which produces 820 hp. This will be detuned slightly as the current V12 engine produces around this amount of power, but we will have to see when it is officially launched. Regardless, it will be one of the coolest hybrid vehicles in 2023.

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2Aston Martin Valhalla

Aston Martin Valhalla

The new Aston Martin Valhalla will be the brand’s first hybrid hypercar, which is set to go on sale in 2023. It will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 sourced from AMG, mated to some electric motors to produce a total of 937 hp. The British carmaker claims a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of around 217 mph.

The Valhalla is a scaled-back version of the Valkyrie hypercar but a bit more user-friendly. It will have an EV mode, though it isn't yet known how much range that will have. To save weight, the British brand has designed most of the Valhalla in carbon fiber and other exotic materials; this should result in a high six-figure price tag.

3Chevy Corvette E-Ray

Chevy Corvette E-Ray

For Corvette fans, there is much to look forward to. First, Chevrolet has confirmed that they are developing an electric version of the C8 Corvette—a hybrid model that slots between the base Stingray and the Z06. The E-Ray seems to be powered by a base engine similar to that found in the Stingray, but with two electric motors on the front axle for more acceleration than ever before.

Speaking of Z06, the upcoming Corvette Zora is expected to be powered by a hybrid drivetrain, which would go well with its rumored twin-turbo V8 engine. The Zora has already been confirmed, and it will be the most powerful Corvette ever made – named after the GM engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov, who helped make the ‘Vette a success.

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4Ford Mustang S650

Ford Mustang S650

Ford has confirmed that the Mustang S650 is coming and hinted that the manual transmission will still be part of the line-up. Journalists have spotted test mules for the upcoming S650 Mustangs, which are covered in heavy camo to disguise their designs, but they have speculated that these could be hybrid versions of the Mustang.

The Ford Mustang has used gasoline as its fuel since it was first introduced in 1965. This will be the first time the iconic American muscle car is powered by anything other than gasoline. The Mustang hybrid will likely be more performance-oriented than fuel-efficient.

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5Porsche 911 Hybrid

Porsche 911 Hybrid

Porsche has confirmed that it is working on a hybrid version of the 911 to join its Cayenne, Panamera, and Macan hybrids. While these cars are designed to improve efficiency rather than provide more performance, Porsche has assured enthusiasts that the 911 Hybrid will have performance as its main objective.

The 911 Hybrid will likely be all-wheel-drive, like the Carrera 4, and will use its electric motors for extra power. However, it's expected the 911 Hybrid will have an electric-only mode for short trips.

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6Mercedes-AMG C63

Mercedes-AMG C63

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 will have a four-cylinder hybrid setup instead of the V8 that was in its predecessor. This has caused quite a stir within the motoring community, but AMG has assured enthusiasts that the new car will be just as fast or even faster than its predecessor.

While it's sad to see the end of an era for AMG with the V8 Edition, there's a new time for hybrids and electric cars. While most will go this way, some manufacturers like BMW and Lamborghini have assured fans that they will stick with their engines for as long as possible.

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The upcoming BMW XM will be the Bavarian brand’s second M-only model. The XM will be a large and luxurious high-performance SUV, powered by a turbocharged V8 engine, mated to some electric motors which will reportedly produce a combined 750 hp – although we expect the Germans to understate their power figures.

The XM will combine classic M1 supercar cues with modern BMW design and massive kidney grilles up front. The XM will battle other super SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX707, and Ferrari's upcoming Purosangue.



The next BMW M5 is already undergoing testing, with prototypes being spotted racing around the Nürburgring. The new M5 will reportedly keep its twin-turbo V8 engine and add an electric motor for better performance.

It is not yet known how BMW will use the hybrid system – whether it will be a plug-in, passive or mild-hybrid setup. But we are sure that it will produce a large combined power output in true BMW fashion. With the huge performance of the recent M5 CS, we are eager to see what BMW will do next.

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9Genesis G90 Hybrid

Genesis G90 Hybrid

Maybe the Genesis G90 isn't powerful enough for you. If so, there's good news: The 2023 G90's twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 is getting a serious upgrade in the horsepower department. Car and Driver recently uncovered documents that show the hybrid G90 will get 45 more horsepower, boosting the total to 420 horsepower—better than 375 hp on the gas-only version.

The 2023 Genesis G90 is a luxury car that feels like it’s actually worth the price tag. I was also excited to see that the car would have a hybrid version, though the hybrid G90 isn’t about saving money on gas but boosting power.

10Lexus UX

Lexus UX

The upcoming Lexus UX will be available in hybrid trims only, dropping the non-hybrid UX 200 for the more efficient UX 250h in various states of trim. The biggest change to the UX is a new infotainment system that features a larger screen, better graphics, and Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration.

Lexus has updated the UX to be more in line with its segment competitors while achieving a high fuel economy rating. While the NX and RX are better options in the Lexus range, the compact crossover/SUV gap is filled by the Lexus UX.

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11Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has been an industry leader when it comes to hybrid drivetrains. Since the second generation of the car was introduced in 2003, the Prius has remained at the center of all hybrids currently on the market. Over time, Toyota has improved efficiency in its hybrid lineup but retained the original Prius design – ending up with an exterior that is polarizing to many Americans.

Toyota has reportedly begun working on a new Prius, which will be sportier and more powerful than the current model in order to compete with other hybrids on the market, such as the Chevrolet Volt. Toyota recently joined the electric-car world and has released hybrid versions of most of its models; now it is time to spice things up a bit.

The Bottom Line

Hybrid cars are an important part of the future of transportation: they're better for the environment, save consumers money on gas, and satisfy those who want luxury and performance without sacrificing their conscience.

The world is gradually moving from the traditional internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. The last decade has seen this transition go from a dream to reality, and it looks like it's here to stay.

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