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What do the Different Colors of the Bentley Logo Represent?

What many people don't know is that different colors of B have different meanings.

What do the Different Colors of the Bentley Logo Represent?

As the world's top luxury car brand, Bentley has been regarded as Rolls-Royce's best competitor, because many successful people and rich praise Bentley’s noble pedigree, elegant appearance, and luxury interior!

However, the focus of this article is not a Bentley vehicle, but the brand logo.

Careful fans may have noticed that Bentley's logo has different colors, so what do the colors of Bentley's logo represent? I believe that many people do not know!

Fortunately, this article will give you a brief answer, let's get started!

The Flying B

The Flying B is usually found only on top Bentley models (Such as: Mulsanne, Azure, Arnage and Brooklands) and is easily reminiscent of the Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy. The difference is that the “Spirit of Ecstasy” sculpture adorns all Rolls-Royce cars.

In 2006, the Flying B made a triumphant return, thanks to a mechanism that made it fully retractable. (It was withdrawn due to pedestrian safety legislation that banned prominent solid ornaments.)

The Flying B has three colors: gold, silver, and dark versions.

The Flying B (Gold)

The Flying B, Gold

Gold is generally assembled in a customized car. This color represents the most expensive decoration, which is very rare!

The Flying B (Silver)

The Flying B, Silver

If you're not that rich, a silver one might be better for you.

The Flying B (Dark)

The Flying B, Dark

Special editions of the Flying B mascot have been offered by Bentley's Mulliner division, for limited edition models, including a dark tint version and even including a gold Flying B.

The Flying B (New)

The Flying B, New

In 2019, Bentley’s Centenary year, the new Flying Spur took the definitive four-door grand tourer in a new direction – accompanied by a new iteration of the Flying B. To mark the occasion, we held a competition among all Bentley designers to redesign the mascot for our second century. The winning design, by Hoe Young Hwang, was inspired by the owl.

Poised and serene when stationary, the owl reveals immense power and agility in motion – much like the new Flying Spur. The minimalist, contemporary shape of the new design represents an owl gliding over a calm lake in pursuit of prey, the mascot’s widening base tracing out the wake created on the water. With every detail of this captivating car designed around the driver and passengers, particular attention was paid to creating a breathtaking wing span when viewed from the cabin.

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The Winged B

Crosby created the original Winged B – with the ‘B’ of Bentley inside a pair of wings chosen to represent the exhilaration of motion – and perhaps also a reference to W.O. Bentley’s background as a designer of engines for fighter planes in the First World War. Crosby gave each wing a different number of feathers to make it completely unique – and stay one step ahead of fraudulent imitations.

The Winged B has four colors: black, red, green, and blue.

The Winged B (Black)

The Winged B, Black

Black is the most common, representing power and sport.

The Winged B (Red)

The Winged B, Red

Red represents passion and enthusiasm.

Before 1924, all Bentley vehicles had only red markings, after which Bentley gradually used green, blue, and black to distinguish different models.

The Winged B (Green)

The Winged B, Green

Green represents noble and descent.

The green Bentley logo and blue logo have not been made since 2000.

The Winged B (Blue)

The Winged B, Blue

Blue represents luxury and enjoyment.

The blue Bentley logo is extremely rare, which has only been seen on the most expensive model, the Bentley Azure!

The Winged B (Centenary 1919-2019)

The Winged B, Centenary 1919-2019

To celebrate 100 years of Bentley, a version of the Winged B was created exclusively for cars built during the Centenary year. The Bentley ‘B’ and the oval around it were outlined in a special metallic finish named Centenary Gold, and the dates 1919 and 2019 added either side of the ‘B’ – a fitting tribute to Crosby in a year that also marked a century since his original design.

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