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Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: by Top Speed

In the game, the fastest car is without a doubt the Koenigsegg Jesko (Top Speed: 496.6 km/h).

Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9

For players who also happen to love classic racing cars, Asphalt 9: Legends is a feast on the eyes. Many people want to sit back, relax, and cruise while others want to crack their competitors, but it isn't always easy.

Since the game was released worldwide, the number of cars added has increased. Originally, the game offered 52 cars to choose from. Choosing the right vehicle and staying ahead of the competition can be hard because of the large number of vehicles on the market and the plethora of upgrades that can be made.

If you want to beat your competitors and having difficulty in picking a car then this article is going to help you a lot. In this article, we are going to share the list of the 10 fastest cars in Asphalt 9.

#10Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #10 Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary

Top Speed: 401 km/h

In spite of its limited speed, the Zenvo is still a good car. Despite its low base speed, it can reach over 401 km/h at full power; this is above average for the S class. Other statistics show that it's just a bit below average. In terms of handling, it ranks last. Overall, it's a great option for getting into S-Class races, and probably not too expensive to upgrade. During late games, you can take advantage of better options with better stat balance.

#9Aspark Owl

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #9 Aspark Owl

Top Speed: 414.7 km/h

With a maximum speed of 414.7 km/h and a stock speed of 400 km/h, the Aspark Owl is above average for an S Class. The stock acceleration of the S Class is higher than the max acceleration.

Nitro and handling are its weaknesses. There is a slight underperformance at stock, and there is further underperformance at max stats. Both stock and maxed Asparks have lower nitro than average. It has the 2nd lowest stock nitro and the lowest maximum nitro of all cars in S class. It's important not to overuse nitro, but to use it sparingly.

#8Rimac C_Two

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #8 Rimac C_Two

Top Speed: 421.6 km/h

With a factory stock speed of 412 km/h and maximum stats of 421.6 km/h, the Rimac C Two has a fantastic stock speed. In both stock and maxed settings, it has S Class' second-best acceleration.

Keeping the vehicle under control will allow you to take full advantage of all these positive attributes. Both the stock and max car handling are only slightly better than average. Likewise, its nitro is also effective. Still, it's far from being the worst of the S Class.

#7BXR Bailey Blade GT1

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #7 BXR Bailey Blade GT1

Top Speed: 434 km/h

In both acceleration and nitro capabilities, the BXR Bailey Blade GT1 beats the TRION Nemesis at 434 km/h. Compared to the average for acceleration and nitro in the S Class, acceleration is a bit higher than average.

Even so, you will have trouble controlling your vehicle if you have that much speed. With maximum stats, the Blade GT1 ranks 6th worst among the S Class vehicles in handling. Racers, however, who are able to control the car, are in for a real treat.

#6Bugatti Chiron

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #6 Bugatti Chiron

Top Speed: 443.4 km/h

It is also possible to get a Bugatti Chiron in the S Class with stock and maximum speeds. It starts out at 420 km/h and reaches 443.4 km/h at its maximum speed. Compared to others in its class, it also has slightly faster acceleration. Nitro is another strength of the Chiron. Its nitro is above the average of the S Class, both on stock and maxed versions. Racers may struggle to keep the Bugatti Chiron in control due to its low handling.

#5Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #5 Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Top Speed: 443.4 km/h

At stock, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire can hit 420 kilometers per hour while at its top speed it can reach 443.4 kilometers per hour, a speed that is well above the S Class average. You will also benefit from its acceleration, giving you an enhanced advantage in a race.

Despite handling just above S Class averages at stock, La Voiture Noire dips slightly below average handling when stuffed full of S Class goodies. At maxed levels, its performance is still below average even though it's closing the gap with nitro, which is well behind at stock levels.

#4TRION Nemesis

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #4 TRION Nemesis

Top Speed: 450.7 km/h

Its stock speed is 434 km/h, making it an exceptional vehicle. Only 3 S Class models perform better at stock. This vehicle is ranked 5th for max speed for the S class with a max speed of 450.7 km/h.

Although pure speed is important, there is more to it than that. Compared to S Class averages, the TRION Nemesis has severe weaknesses. Although it has a respectable acceleration, this car lacks a great deal of handling. Further complicating matters, the nitro model is the lowest among all S Class models. You should be fine as long as there aren't too many turns.

#3Koenigsegg Regera

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #3 Koenigsegg Regera

Top Speed: 457.1 km/h

In stock and maxed versions, only two other cars beat the Koenigsegg Regera's speed. As of stock, it has a speed of 440 kilometers per hour, and a top speed of 457.1 kilometers per hour.

It is not without its drawbacks, however. Due to its lower acceleration and nitro, the Regera will take longer to reach its top speeds. Racers may have a difficult time reaching top speed before slowing down for a turn because the car lacks good handling.

#2SSC Tuatara

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #2 SSC Tuatara

Top Speed: 490.6 km/h

Despite being just slightly slower than the Koenigsegg Jesko's stock and max speeds, the SSC Tuatara has a great chance of taking the gold, at 482.8 and 490.6 km/h. The Tuatara takes a cut above the Jesko in terms of acceleration and handling, and is also at a point closer to average, but still slightly below average.

Nitro is something the Tuatara could use a little more help with. With its stock nitro, it ranks fourth among S-class cars, but it surpasses the Jesko dramatically at maximum stats.

#1Koenigsegg Jesko

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Asphalt 9: #1 Koenigsegg Jesko

Top Speed: 496.6 km/h

In the game, the fastest car is without a doubt the Koenigsegg Jesko. Racers may choose the Jesko because of its top speed of 484 km/h at stock and 496.6 km/h maxed. Keeping your speed high, however, will be a challenge.

Jesko's other statistics are just a little bit behind the average in S Class, but not by much. In comparison with the Bailey Blade GT1, handling is the furthest behind. The speed benefits may be worth allowing this compromise even if it is not ideal.

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